The DIY Kiss Hoodie Trend on Tiktok: Why It’s Awesome?

This month is February. This is the time of year. While people in love are planning romantic trips, extravagant dates, and buying until their pockets are empty, the rest of us are spending that money on ourselves. And there’s certainly no shame in it.

Whether you have a Valentine or are your own Valentine, Valentine’s Day may not be about spending money. Perhaps, perhaps, it’s all in the gesture. Or even love.

The DIY “kiss hoodie” has been appearing on our For You pages, and it’s the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for individuals who want to offer a sentimental handcrafted gift.

Tiktok’s Diy Kiss Hoodie is a Cute Valentine’s Day Present

Pucker up! No, you must literally pucker your lips to participate in this clever craze. Although it is unclear who started the trend, @lauraassar’s video has been viewed over 36 million times and received over 4 million likes.

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Using masking tape, she creates a rectangular window on the front of the hoodie. She then applies two layers of white fabric paint to the rectangle. She uses a hairdryer to expedite the drying of the initial layer before repeating the process.

The DIY Kiss Hoodie Trend on Tiktok: Why It's Awesome

The TikTok user, who has over 32,000 followers, then applies red fabric paint to her lips as if it were liquid lipstick, pressing random kisses onto the white rectangle. Expect a little messiness during this phase! (We believe it goes without saying, but be sure to use non-toxic fabric paint.)

Laura removes the masking tape from the hoodie once satisfied with the design, displaying clean lines. She seals the fabric paint with a hot iron, and voilà! While some were quick to poke light at the handiwork, saying “bro is going to get mocked in the GC” and “he ain’t wearing this,” the comment area was swamped with praise from the majority.

The TikTok user wrote, “Y’all, I made one for my boyfriend, and he’s wearing it with pride; you people need better partners.” Meanwhile, user @reezysuave compared the design to Balenciaga’s (which was perhaps a stretch, but still kind). TikTok’s kiss hoodie craft is definitely adorable, joyful, enjoyable, and most importantly, inexpensive.

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Apart From This, A Hoddie Trend Went Viral Last Year

A video submitted by Christian Kesnel on TikTok in April is the most recent clip to confuse millions of users who have discovered it on their For You Page.

The DIY Kiss Hoodie Trend on Tiktok: Why It's Awesome

In the video, Christian may be seen dancing to a variation of the 2021 app’s wildly popular viral sea shanty “Wellerman.” There are multiple copies of him dancing, each wearing a different colorful sweatshirt, and towards the end of the video, the figures spin and switch positions.

However, viewers grew confused when they saw the video was a flawless loop. Although the green hoodie begins the video in the front of the group, as they all switch positions, the green hoodie returns to the lead position. People ultimately recognized, with closer inspection and repeated viewings of the film, that the hoodies gradually changed color over the duration of the clip.

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The transformation is so gradual that many didn’t see it the first time, but gradually, people began to catch on. Repeating the video while observing each hoodie separately can help you understand how the seemingly impossible illusion is created.