Netflix K-drama Crash Course in Romance Episodes 7 and 8 Recap!

Another weekend has passed, and two episodes of Crash Course in Romance have been completed. In this series, time is passing far too rapidly! According to My Drama List, the series consists of sixteen episodes.

This marks the halfway point of Netflix’s K-drama Crash Course in Romance, and things are just getting more exciting with each episode! Having stated this, the two most recent episodes of the series are summarised in detail below.

Where Can I Watch the Next Episodes of Crash Course in Romance?

International viewers of Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 can watch it live on Netflix, but they must verify the time according to their local time zone. Korean audiences can catch the program live on TVN.

Official Trailer of Crash Course in Romance on Netflix

Recap of Crash Course in Romance Episode 7

The seventh episode begins with Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol nearly being apprehended by Soo-ah and her mother. Fortunately, Haeng-seon can warn Chi-yeol through the telephone, preventing him from entering her business and saving their secret… for now.

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In September 2022 practice exams, Hae-e comes out on top, much to Su-chagrin. a’s She is hospitalized because her stomach is acting up as a result of her stress and resentment, as well as her negative reactions (presumably caused by pressure and stress).

What Happened in Episodes 7 and 8? Netflix K-drama Crash Course in Romance Recap

In the meantime, the young investigator Bae Jung-soo continues to investigate the “metal balls” case. While out to dinner with Detective Song, Jung-soo observes a young man who he recognizes immediately. He hurries back to the office and discovers that he recognizes this young man as Sun-mystery Jae’s brother, Lee Hee-Jae.

Returning to the romantic plot, Chi-yeol begins to fall in love with Haeng-seon at first sight. When he injures his wrist while playing a ball game and Haeng-seon helps him by applying ice, his sentiments are only bolstered.

Chi-yeol begins dating a pianist to “get his adrenaline levels back to normal.” He feels that if he begins dating someone, his feelings for Haeng-seon will subside and he will be able to rationalize them.

After the episode, Haeng-seon recommends Chi-you see an acupuncturist, one she frequently visited during her athletic career. Before deciding to eat dinner together, they decide to visit the doctor together. They arrive at the former restaurant of Haeng-mother, seon’s, and Chi-yeol discovers that it seems extremely familiar to him…

Recap of Crash Course in Romance Episode 8

Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol begin the episode by dining in Haeng-former seon’s mother’s restaurant. It is revealed that Chi-yeol was the young man who used to frequent Haeng-restaurant seon’s mother’s (as seen in earlier episodes).

Chi-yeol puts two and two together and realizes that the reason he can only stomach Haeng-food seon’s is that her mother’s cooking used to soothe him during his studies.

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Jang Seo-jin grows increasingly suspicious of her son, Hee-Jae, meanwhile. She goes so far as to download tracking software to always know where he is. Back with Haeng-seon, her building is taken over by a new landlord.

This landlord installs air conditioning and reduces her rent in half. Eventually, it is discovered that Chi-yeol is this mysterious new landlord.

Chi-yeol attends a piano performance for the woman he is dating. During the intermission, though, Hae-e calls him. She mentions that she is having difficulty accessing a tutoring website.

Chi-yeol hears Haeng-Seon injuring herself in the background while on the phone. He becomes immediately anxious and chooses to leave the performance early to return and ensure that she is okay.

What Happened in Episodes 7 and 8? Netflix K-drama Crash Course in Romance Recap

The plot’s mystery continues to be revealed. Su-a and her mother become increasingly skeptical of our two major heroes, and they soon deduce that something is certainly amiss.

On the roof of an apartment building, a hooded man (presumed to be Hee-Jae, but we could not see his face) murders Chi-largest yeol’s detractor.

After the episode, Chi-yeol is seated alongside Haeng-seon, Hae-e, and Jae-woo. They have “chicken night” together, and everything appears to be going well… until the episode’s conclusion.

When Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol walk out together, the mothers from the All Care Program pull up and corner them, bringing our story to a close until the following weekend.

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The intensity is growing, and what a cliffhanger of a conclusion! Will Chi-yeol and Haeng-seon be able to deceive the All Care mothers and convince them that nothing is happening, or will their secret be exposed? This weekend is when we will discover the answer.