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If you actually want to know what exactly is going in the world, then News is one of the most superior methods. We come across various digital news platforms in our...
Watch IPL 2020 Live Streaming

Working Mod Apk to Watch IPL 2021 Live Streaming

Being a huge fan of cricket, I was waiting for the inauguration of IPL 2020 (13th Edition) but if you are on this page, I understand that you don't have an...
haryana lockdown

Breaking News: Haryana Lockdown will be on Monday and Tuesdays

Guys, a biggest news coming out considering coronavirus cases and lockdown in India. Before talking about this, let's have a look at Chief secretary ordered regarding lockdown Haryana State Disaster Management Authority...

Mexico City reopens movie theatres to sparse crowds

The more, the danger the less the brave - Mexico City has opened movie theatres for Mexicans after four months of Coronavirus pandemic. Mexico City has given permission to reopen theatres after...
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7 Best Movies To Watch On Netflix

Netflix is your one-stop to find classic movies along with the latest releases. The streaming platforms like Netflix are people’s favorite and offer so...