Why Did Michael Weatherly Decide to Quit NCIS?

Michael Weatherly’s departure from NCIS has stunned many viewers of the series, but why did Michael leave the show and why did he leave NCIS? How did his character’s storyline conclude in the series, and will he ever return?

Well, there are a few individuals who do not know much about NCIS; it is a police procedural and crime drama television series that follows a team of special agents from the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as they investigate local criminal activity.

This article will therefore provide a summary of the pertinent information and a brief description of why Michael quit the series and his current endeavors.

Who is Michael Weatherly?

Michael Weatherly is an American actor, musician, producer, and director who is best known for playing the role of Anthony Tony DiNozzo on the television series NCIS.

The protagonists in the show engage in an intensive criminal investigation using their resources to solve a wide variety of cases, most of which involve homicide and terrorism.

Therefore, the show is best known for its drama, suspense, and horror themes. The series is the longest-running and most popular television series in the United States, having premiered in 2003. It is also the most popular series of all time.

Why Did Michael Weatherly Decide to Quit NCIS?

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Why Did Michael Weatherly Decide to Leave NCIS?

Michael Weatherly quit the NCIS series, which dismayed many of the series’ fans. After portraying the most popular character on the show, Anthony Tony DiNozzo, Weatherly bid goodbye to his followers and left NCIS.

Michael Weatherly left the NCIS show for the same reason that most Hollywood actors leave a show after pursuing a character for an excessive amount of time; this is also true of his departure.

While giving interviews to major media outlets, the actor acknowledged that the primary reason for his departure from the show was to try something new in other Hollywood projects.

Therefore, the actor departed NCIS after 13 seasons because he felt fully worn out and desired to explore other choices, which led to his departure. In addition, the actor declared that the moment had come for him to leave Hollywood and try on various hats.

As a result, his departure marked the end of his character Tony DiNozzo on the show, which was a tremendously sad and demoralizing time for fans to even consider.

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How Did Michael’s Character Tony Wind Up on NCIS?

Michael’s character Tony’s journey concluded in a two-part episode at the end of season 13, where we witness the death of Ziva and Tony realizing that Ziva had given birth to their daughter, and consequently this leaves the end of the character Tony.

Tony is therefore now more focused on his daughter, who is now ready for him to leave his career and take care of her; he decides to leave the agency and bids farewell to his colleagues.

The episode provides the final story of Tony’s character, marking his retirement from the show, and it is one of the most emotionally charged in the history of NCIS.

Why Did Michael Weatherly Decide to Quit NCIS?

Will Michael Be on NCIS in the Future?

Well, it totally depends on the producers on what they want to do with the character since, during the 16th season of the show, it was revealed that Ziva was alive.

However, as more seasons of the program have passed, there is currently no official news on whether Michael will return to the series, despite the fact that the actor has indicated several times that he is close with the cast and other production team members.

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Nevertheless, the status of Tony in the series is ultimately determined by the show’s directors and production staff. Moreover, the actor also starred in the Bulls television series following NCIS, but viewers still enjoyed the way he portrayed his character in the NCIS television series.