Perfume Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Upcoming Season


The premiere of the Netflix series Perfume occurred on November 14, 2018, with one season and a total of six episodes. The initial release of Perfume was well-received by audiences and critics from around the globe. Soon after acquiring the streaming rights, Netflix made the series available in more languages besides German. The show gained quick success, and fans adored it so much that they eagerly anticipate the Perfume season 2. If you want to know everything about this wonderful show and its interpretation of the Perfume season 2, we have assembled it for you.

Is Perfume Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?


According to recent sources, the streaming service cancelled the Perfume series. After this point, the series will conclude. This means that there will be no Season 2 of Perfume. Netflix's decision to discontinue the series despite its tremendous popularity and high ratings is very disappointing.

Perfume Season 2 Release Date

Release date of Perfume Season 2


Unfortunately, there is no release date for Perfume Season 2, as Netflix has cancelled the series. But we do hope that Perfume Season 2 will return, as a large number of fans want the show to return for another season. Even though Netflix has cancelled the series, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. The streaming giant may reverse its decision and reinstate the show in response to popular demand.

It is also assumed that the reason for the show's cancellation was the pandemic, which caused a delay and prevented the filming of the following season. Since the epidemic has already caused so much delay, Netflix decided to terminate the show, but let's remain optimistic.

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Where catch the Perfume Season 2?

The single season of the Perfume television series is available for watching on Netflix. Go watch now.

The Plot of Perfume Season 2

The plot centres on two detectives, Nadja Simon and Matthias Kohler, and the prosecutor, Joachim Grünberg. They are investigating a murder case. This homicide case involves two disfigured victims. All of the characters are connected in some way.

They were all captivated by the possibility of manipulating olfactory behaviour. This is the show's principal plot. Five classmates at the same boarding school form a scent-obsessed secret society. Members of this club are murder victims who, after being slain, are found to be hairless and devoid of smell glands.

Perfume Season 2 Release Date

In the first season, viewers find that each club member had a distinct comprehension of their reasons. Nadja investigates the bizarre murders that occur throughout the season. She simultaneously manages her connection with the prosecutor, who is already married. She learns later in the programme that she is pregnant and that the prosecutor wants her to have an abortion because she does not want a kid.

After several twists and turns, the team eventually discovers the murderer, and everything comes together. In the first season, viewers are shown how perfumes are a combination of unusual scents with calming properties and how they affect various individuals.

The murderer requires three distinct women to bring him three distinct ingto order to create a magical potion. This trio comprises lust, obsession, and love.

The Cast of Perfume Season 2

Several performers in Perfume are featured in every episode of the first season; should a second season be announced, these actors are likely to reprise their roles. We anticipate seeing the following familiar actors reprise their roles:

Perfume Season 2 Release Date

  • Friederike Becht playing Nadja Simon
  • Natalia Belitski playing Elena Seliger
  • Trystan Putter playing Thomas Butsche
  • Wotton Wilkie Mohring playing prosecutor Grunberg
  • Christian Friedel playing Daniel Zahnols
  • Juergen Maurer playing Matthias Kohler
  • Ken Duken playing Roman Seliger
  • August Diehl playing Moritz de Vries
  • Marc Hosemann playing Jens Brettschneider
  • Anja Schneider playing Elisabeth Gurnberg
  • Susanne Wuest playing Lydia Suchanow
  • Thomas Thieme playing Thomas Thieme
  • Karl Markovics playing Elenas father
  • Roxane Duran playing Ballerina
  • Albrecht Felsmann playing Daniel Sluiter
  • Leon Blaschke playing younger Moritz
  • Carlotta von Falkenhayn playing Elsie
  • Julius Nitschkoff playing younger Thomas Butsche

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Series Rating

Perfume is classified as TV-MA, which indicates that it is intended for adults and may not be suitable for children under the age of 17. This programme may contain coarse, indecent language, explicit sexual content, or graphic violence.


The producers of Perfume have not yet announced whether or not the crime drama will return for a second season. Netflix will likely observe how well the first season performs with viewers before deciding whether to cancel a second season.