So I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 Release Date: Know Latest Updates About the Show!

So I'm a spider, So What? (Kumo Desu ga, Nanika?) is an anime version of the same-titled Japanese light novel. So I'm a spider, so what?, written by Okina Baba. broadcast from January to July, 2021, as an anime television series. Here is what we know about So I'm a spider so what? Season 2.

Episode 1 of So, I'm a spider so what? Due to the global epidemic, the series was delayed and not released until January of 2021. So I'm a spider, so what? The first season consisted of 24 episodes and was animated by Millipensee. So I'm a spider, so what? depending on your location, Crunchyroll or Bilibili may be used to stream the show.

'So I'm a Spider, So What?' Season 2 Release Date

In the world's most hazardous dungeon, a young high school student named Shiraori is reincarnated as a gorgeous spider monster named Taratect. While some possess extraordinary abilities, she simply possesses her human wisdom.

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So I'm a Spider, So what? Season 2 What Release Date

There has been no official confirmation of So I'm a Spider, So What? Season 2 will be made available. It appears likely that the anime will be renewed because of its popularity. The program deserves a second season due to its originality within the fantasy isekai genre and its massive fanbase. So what if I am a spider? Season 2 is anticipated to premiere in the middle of 2023.

Where to Watch ‘So I'm a Spider so what?' but so what? season 2 Online

You can view “So I'm a Spider so what?” Outside of Asia, Crunchyroll is the finest location to watch anime. Southeast Asia and South Asia viewers can stream the anime on the Ani-One YouTube channel or Bilibili.

Recap of ‘So I'm a Spider, so what: Season 1

So I'm a spider. so what? focuses on a Japanese schoolgirl who became the target of a misfired space-time magic. In the end, the spell destroyed the school and killed everyone within. The school's students were mysteriously reincarnated in another reality. A few of them were reincarnated as powerful people, such as kings and nobility, while others were reborn as everything from deadly beasts to tiny insects.

'So I'm a Spider, So What?' Season 2 Release Date

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The student is reincarnated as a white spider and is therefore referred to as Shiraori or Kumoko; she endures severe trials in a prison filled with larger, more lethal beasts. Shiraori must struggle for her existence, which is exceedingly difficult given that she is a tiny spider gifted with human intellect. Shiraori must traverse the maze as if it were an RPG and combat the stronger monsters that would otherwise devour her in order to survive.

‘So I'm a Spider, So What?' Season 2 Predicted Plot

So I'm a spider, so what? Season 1 concluded suddenly, and there is certainly more story to be revealed. It is reasonable to presume that the show will return for a second season and that it will pick up where the first season left off. The nasty demon lord's schemes will be revealed.

'So I'm a Spider, So What?' Season 2 Release Date

Shiraori will endeavor to thwart the schemes of the devil lord and his coup and vanquish them permanently. Since the anime So I'm a spider, so what? Based on the same-titled light novel, it has an abundance of the source material.


So I'm a spider. so what? Due to the show's success, Season 2 has not yet been formally renewed, but fans should expect the show to receive a second season shortly. Due to the debut of the anime in 2021, there will be a substantial time gap between the first and second seasons.