Kelsea Ballerini Cries in Bathtub About Morgan Evans Divorce

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans began their relationship with a rom-com-worthy meet-cute, and they made fans drool for years until their breakup in 2022.

The “Peter Pan” singer met her future husband through music in 2016, after cohosting an award presentation in his native Australia. Tequila shots after a great show sealed the deal for the couple, and on their wedding day in Mexico in December of 2017, they celebrated with tequila along with their guests.

Kelsea Ballerini brought on the tears in multiple ways. On Saturday, the 28-year-old country music diva posted an emotional TikTok in which she appeared to be crying in the bathtub following her separation from Morgan Evans. In the music video, Ballerini wore merely a gold heart-shaped charm necklace and smudged black eyeliner and mascara around her eyes.

Kelsea Ballerini Cries in Bathtub About Morgan Evans Divorce

She wrapped her arms around her legs as she sat in the tub, listening to and lip-syncing to Katie Gregson-MacLeod now-viral MacLeod's ballad “Complex,” which has become a TikTok phenomenon.

Gregson-MacLeod sings “I'm wearing his boxers / I'm being a decent wife / We won't be together / But maybe in the next life” in the heartbreak-themed ballad.

“I need him as much as I need water / He lives on a landslide / I cry in his bathroom / He shuts off the large light.” I'm being a nice girl / I'm keeping it so tight / I'm carrying him home while my buddies enjoy the evening.”

Page Six revealed late last month, as previously reported, that Ballerini filed for divorce from Morgan Evans after nearly five years of marriage.

Kelsea Ballerini Cries in Bathtub About Morgan Evans Divorce

Later, the “Peter Pan” singer addressed the split in a statement posted to her Instagram Stories.

She stated, “I've always attempted to share my life with you in a genuine and open manner, while still preserving the layers of my personal life as they unfold.”

Ballerini emphasised to her followers that the “very painful decision” was “the culmination of a journey of love, growth, and effort”

Kelsea Ballerini Cries in Bathtub About Morgan Evans Divorce

She stated, “I am tremendously grateful for the many years of marriage to Morgan and optimistic about the upcoming seasons.” Please be considerate of the fact that we are both delicate, actively mending, and doing at our best despite our upcoming busy schedules.

Ballerini and Evans, both aged 37, married the knot in December 2017 after being engaged for one year. Evans stated via Instagram Stories that he was “very devastated to confirm” the breakup.

“After nearly five years of marriage, Kelsea and I have decided to separate,” wrote the “Day Drunk” singer. “I wish it were otherwise, but it's not.”