Last Witch Hunter 2: Possible Release Date & Renewal Status in 2022!

The first season wasn't the last for the series, there is a lot to come.

This article is the latest updated on 26 January 2022: Are you Waiting for The Last Witch Hunter 2 with Vin Diesel? Did you remember the story of The Last Witch Hunter in which Vin Diesel as Kaulder is cursed by the witch to be immortal as he is responsible for killing the Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) 800 years ago?

Let’s Know more about Last Witch Hunter and when will its 2nd part come?

The Last Witch Hunter 2 is Coming Say Vin Diesel

Release Date of The Last Witch Hunter 2

There is no announcement or Release Date for The Last Witch Hunter 2 but hints were given by Vin Diesel that the project is on his mind and pushing to make a sequel to happen with the stars and producers. In the IMDB website, it is clearly mentioned that the series is under production and will be release after 6 years of gap.

The total box office revenue is also low in the domestic box office which is only $27.4 million against the Spent amount of $90 Million on the production of the movie but we can’t say that it is a flop movie as there is a $147 million a worldwide collection of this movie which is ok to cover its production budget.

Movie Name Last Witch Hunter
Category Action Fantasy
Release Date Confirmed
Creator Breck Eisner 
No. of Sequel 1


The cast of the Last Witch Hunter 2

As there is no information about the releasing date and its shooting begins so there is no Cast for the Last Witch Hunter 2 as the film is not confirmed to be happening in the near future.

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What Is the Plot for the Last Witch Hunter 2

Last Witch Hunter 2

The story revolves around Diesel Led who was cast as Kaulder, the warrior, and at that time he killed the Witch Queen as she is the reason behind the plague or disease caused about 800 years ago.

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At the time of the plague, he managed to survive by killing the queen of the Witches and before she was going to die she put a curse of immorality on Kaulder who is now a teenager at the present time.

At present time Kaulder is working for Axe and Cross who used to stop witches to kill or harm people with black magic. All is going right but he came to know that Queen Witch is behind all the killings when Dolan 36th is attacked by the witches.

As the first movie didn’t get much popularity and also there are negative critics for this movie still, Diesel has been making a push to producers so that The Last Witch Hunter 2 will happen.

“When the Last Witch Hunter comes out and it doesn’t destroy the box office you, under the old thinking, would go, ‘Well, maybe I should focus on something else.’ But nowadays what’s fascinating is that movies find you somehow. 

The Last witch Hunter 2

“Maybe it’s because I’m a part of Avengers or I’m a part of Disney, I’m a part of Guardians and I’m a part of Fast and I’ve had so much of that wonderful experience that I think the higher thinking becomes – when people tell me that they love the Witch Hunter, and they want to see Michael Caine and I go into another one, I go, ‘Wow!'”

So Vin is clear about the meetings that had taken place by him in the studio.

The Last Witch is a good film but looking forward to seeing the 2nd part of this movie.


As there is no proper announcement, only a hint is given by Diesel for the sequel to be happening. We will inform you more when there is an official announcement or statement given by the producers or stars. If you like Last Witch Hunter, then you like these movies also-

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