Red 3 Movie Will It Come For 3rd Time?

Red 3

Will the gang of American action movie Red come for the 3rd time after giving first two hits in 2010 and 2013? Why the Red 3 which was developed in 2013 can’t appear in front of you?

What are the reasons and why Di Bonaventura Pictures didn’t release the film after the 2nd movie?

Why did the sequel not continue after earning $199 million worldwide when the film was first released in 2010?

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Inspired by Homage Comics Limited Series of the same name Red is an action comedy movie directed by Robert Schwentke and written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber.

The last two movies featured Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich. Will there be any possibility that the Red 3 which is developing in 2013 will come after 8 years?

It is an enjoyable movie but focusing on a group of retired special officers who are targeted by assassination and then Frank resembles his old team to known who is behind this conspiracy and saving their life by their expert training.

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In 2013, Red 3 Was Announced

Red 3

The Red 3 film which was already confirmed and announced in 2013 and Jon and Erich Hoeber writers of the Red movie signed up to open for production in 2014 then why didn’t it happen until this time.

Red 3 Isn’t Going to Happen

At this time we get no sign that the 3rd part of the movie is coming, which was first mentioned and announced in 2013. If the last two movies get a popularity and hit and Red Movie have a great revenue then why it is not happening?

The Red movie 3rd part will likely to come in the form of movie or tv show it the franchise have a future with the original cast returning from previous movies.

Red 3

Some Questions Asked by the People

Is the movie red on Netflix?

Red is not available on American Netflix but you can still Watch the movie by unlocking in the USA with a few steps. For watching movies in your region, you can change your Netflix Region to another country and then enjoy the movie in that Country’s language or you can also use subtitles according to your preference.

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Is the Red Movie on Prime?

You can also Watch Red on prime Video.

User Reviews and Rating of Red 2

Some Users said that it is a Refreshing action comedy in which Frank reunites his team to come out from the existing danger they are facing.

Another one said it has a consistently fun and Enjoyable action and Entertainment movie and another user said it is an excellent action packed movie, which makes you want to watch the original part also.

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Red 2 film got 6.6 ratings while original movie is more interesting and got 7 rating out of 10 from the IMDB.(1)

You can also check out Movie Red 2 Reviews


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