Who is Taylor Lewan’s Wife? Meet the Leading Lady of Taylor Lewan’s Life!

Taylor Lewan, renowned as an American football offensive tackle for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, has been an integral part of the team since 2014, amassing an impressive four Pro Bowl selections. This article, however, delves into the life of the woman standing strong beside this accomplished athlete.

The Journey of Taylor Lewan

In 2014, the Tennessee Titans wisely chose Lewan as the eleventh pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. This marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership, as he signed a substantial contract of $11.48 million, inclusive of a $6.67 million signing bonus.

Lewan’s inaugural year in the league saw him grace the field in 11 games, six of which he started due to injuries, earning him a spot on the PFWA All-Rookie team.

Who is Taylor Lewan's Wife

2017 brought further recognition as the Titans exercised the fifth-year option on his rookie contract. On December 19, 2017, he secured his second Pro Bowl title. His peers also acknowledged his prowess, ranking him 78th on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018.

In the subsequent year, a blindside hit from Andre Branch during a Week 1 game resulted in a concussion for Lewan, causing him to miss subsequent matches.

A temporary setback occurred in July 2019 when Lewan announced a four-game suspension due to a failed drug test. As of October 2023, Taylor Lewan’s net worth stands at an impressive $15 million.

Who is Taylor Lewan’s Wife?

Taylor Lewan is a happily married individual, sharing his life with his beloved partner, Taylin Gallacher.

Taylin Gallacher Lewan, born on June 22, 1996, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, embodies a blend of Canadian-American heritage. While her siblings remain out of public limelight, her endeavors are far from discreet.

Who is Taylor Lewan's Wife

Taylin boasts a diverse portfolio, having been a model for distinguished brands like Jessie Dee and VeronicaClarke. Beyond the runway, she is an avid advocate for both human and animal welfare.

Her philanthropic endeavors materialize through the co-founding of Feeding Nashville with Hayley Hubbard, an organization committed to providing daily sustenance to those in need in middle Tennessee.

Connecting With Taylin

Taylin Gallacher Lewan is an active presence on Instagram, where she boasts a following of over 40k. Her posts offer glimpses into her family life, adventures, and the causes she fervently supports.

Her platform serves as a catalyst for awareness and fundraising efforts for various initiatives. For those interested in following her journey, Taylin can be found on Instagram as @taylinlewan.

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The Love Story of Taylin and Taylor

The couple Taylin and Taylor transpired in 2016 in Arizona, a mere ten days before Valentine’s Day. Their connection was instantaneous, culminating in an engagement a fortnight after their initial encounter. The nuptials took place on July 28, 2018, in a picturesque ceremony at the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

Their union has been blessed with two daughters, Wynne Rebel Lewan (born on October 5, 2019) and Willow Rose Lewan (born on March 5, 2021). The family, which includes their two canine companions, calls Nashville, Tennessee, their cherished home.

A Glimpse into Their Relationship

Taylin and Taylor’s partnership radiates with strength and support, a fact often evident in their candid moments shared on social media.


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Their camaraderie is marked by a delightful sense of humor, which they extend not only to each other but also to their dedicated fan base.

In a light-hearted moment in February 2023, Taylor playfully adopted the role of Jeffree Star’s NFL admirer, a figure the beauty guru had alluded to on his TikTok account. Taylin joined in the jest, leaving a comment on Jeffree Star’s post expressing her happiness for the pair.

Taylin’s Net Worth

While Taylin Lewan’s net worth remains undisclosed, her comfortable lifestyle is undoubtedly bolstered by her husband’s lucrative career.

Taylor Lewan’s five-year contract extension with the Tennessee Titans in 2018, amounting to $80 million, solidifies his status as one of the highest-paid offensive linemen in the NFL. His financial portfolio further expands through lucrative endorsements with giants like Nike, Bose, and Gatorade.

Final Words

Taylor Lewan is happily married to Taylin Gallacher, his lifelong companion and true love. Taylin, a former model, is known for her philanthropic endeavors and her deep affection for animals.

Together with Taylor, they share a joyful and light-hearted relationship, along with two daughters and two furry companions.

Taylin is an active presence on social media, using her platform to champion causes close to her heart. She is not simply a football wife; she is a woman with her own distinct identity and fervent interests. Furthermore, You can also explore our website to learn more about your favourite celebrities.