Who Is John Collett’s Wife?


A school teacher of a Lewisville ISD elementary school is arrested and accused of sexual assault of a child, said to police in The Colony.

John Collett was a teacher at Camay Elementary School who was arrested on Wednesday, April 19, 2023,  due to charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and indecency with a child which is stated by the police in a news release.


A parent of a child filed a report against John Collet and an investigation is going on. A parent “grew suspicious of the teacher after picking up her 10-year-old child from school last week,” according to the police statement read.

The law enforcement officers immediately took action, firstly they interviewed the family at their home and afterward, they obtained a warrant for Collett’s arrest.

The spokeswoman Amanda Brim of Lewisville ISD said a special team that includes highly trained counselors at the school campus on Thursday will be supporting students and staff for the coming days.


The district’s statement strictly condemns this incident, “Anytime accusations are made that someone has hurt a child, it is the very worst possibility we face.” And continued, ” Mr. Collett was placed on administrative leave as soon as the district became aware of the allegations. While the police and legal system are now doing their work, our focus will remain on the wellbeing of our students.”

In addition, Georgia Provitt disclosed that she received a notice from the district for the investigation. Georgia is a parent of multiple Lewisville ISD elementary students, but they do not enroll in Camey. She also says that she has had conversations with her children about this topic before the arrest of John.

She said, “We started out with these side convos about indecency and whatnot. But now it takes our mind to go a step further. Now, we actually have to have an actual discussion about right from wrong. If this happens, talk to someone, the adult.”

John Collett's wife

Who Is John Collett's Wife?

It is really the worst incident that happened to a child, and the information regarding the arrest of John shocked his family and the world. An unfortunate news disturbed John's family and his partner if he was married. As there is not any information related to his family and partner as well.

John Collett is in the Denton County Jail with a bond of $850,000.

If we talk about his profession, in 2022, John Collett won the Best of Denton Country award for the best elementary school teacher.

Furthermore, the police are searching for other clues and victims. Therefore, the case is still being investigated by the police. However, the police do not reveal as much about the allegation, and it is not disclosed where an incident happened whether it was on campus or not.

Is The Identity Of The Child Revealed?

Due to security reasons, the identity of the child and his/her parents is not revealed. Thus, we do not have information about a child.


To conclude, John Collett was an Elementary School teacher who is accused of sexual assault with his student. As he is arrested by the local police, the school also takes steps against him. Besides, the identity of the child and John's family is unknown.