Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira? Does Tom Cruise Hold a Different Opinion on the Matter?

Everyone’s favorite singing sensation, Shakira, appears to be back on the market and looking to hook up! The rumor mill has been going crazy since she recently split from her companion of more than ten years, Gerard Piqué, and has been connecting her to a number of potential suitors.

Tom Cruise, although recently seen with them at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, doesn’t appear to be one of them. Although it was widely believed that the two may become Hollywood’s next “it” pair, it now appears that this specific rumor may not be that credible.

But who can predict what these two cultural titans’ futures may hold? Time alone will tell!

Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira?

As a result of the persistent speculations, insiders close to the singer have finally spoken out about them and categorically denied the rumors. An insider told Us Weekly that even though Shakira enjoyed spending time with Tom at the F1, she has no interest in dating him.

Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira

While she thought he was incredibly lovely and loved being with him, she isn’t currently interested in dating him or anyone else. She is currently preoccupied with her children and profession because she has a lot on her plate.

The source said that the ‘Hips Don’t Lie‘ singer enjoyed her time with Cruise and found the allegations that they were dating amusing. However, the insider clarified, “It’s just not true.” That’s how far things had progressed, yet she enjoyed their conversation.

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Does Tom Cruise Hold a Different Opinion on the Matter?

Tom Cruise, the charismatic “Top Gun” star, is rumored to have his sights set on the entrancing Shakira. A source close to Cruise said that he has expressed a strong interest in pursuing the outstanding vocalist, going so far as to send her flowers.

Is Tom Cruise Dating Shakira

The source jokingly adds that Cruise may be Shakira’s much-needed soft cushion to fall on amid speculations of her post-divorce desire for solace after splitting with Piqué.

In addition to being attractive and talented, Cruise and Shakira’s different heights lend a fun air of humor to the relationship. Cruise is 5’7″, and Shakira is 5’2″. In the world of the wealthy and famous, love may undoubtedly take interesting turns.


Although experts close to the singer have emphatically dismissed reports of a possible romance between Tom Cruise and Shakira, it is still possible that these two cultural titans may someday hook up.

Whatever the case, the buzz in the town and some fan enthusiasm have been generated by Cruise’s alleged interest in following Shakira and sending her flowers. What lies ahead for these two stars in the future is unknown at this point.