Who is Lala Anthony Dating? The Latest Updates and Rumors!

If you like Lala Anthony, you might be interested in who she is dating right now. Due to her high-profile relationships and successful career, the actress and TV personality has been in the public eye for years. We’ll look at the latest news and rumours about who Lala Anthony is dating in this article. We can tell you about her past relationships as well as the men she is interested in now.

Lala Anthony is a well-known author, actress, and TV personality. At the beginning of the 2000s, she was an MTV VJ on the show Total Request Live. She was the host of the reunion shows Flavor of Love, I Love New York, For the Love of Ray J, and Real Chance of Love on VH1, and she was a dean on Charm School with Ricki Lake.


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Anthony was in Two Can Play That Game (2001), You Got Served (2004), Think Like a Man Too (2014), November Rule (2015), and Destined (2015). She played Lakeisha Grant on the drama series Power, which was made by Starz. She was the host of the reality TV shows La La’s Full Court Wedding and La La’s Full Court Life in the United States.

Lala’s Past Relationships

Before we talk about the most recent news, let’s look at Lala’s past relationships. She was married to the American professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony. He is a basketball player for the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Lala Anthony Dating

In 2003, Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony and NBA star Carmelo Anthony met at a championship in Los Angeles. In an interview, La La Anthony said that she met her husband through a mutual friend. La La was co-hosting an MTV show with DJ Clue, and during that time, she got to meet his husband.

At that time, Carmelo Anthony asked her to join him for tea. They met for the first time in Long Beach, California. They went out to dinner and began dating. After dating for a while, Anthony asked her to marry him on Christmas of 2004. Their engagement was held in 2004. After being together for a long time, they had a son named Kiyan Carmelo Anthony in 2007.

After getting together in 2004, they dated for six years before deciding to get married in 2010. In New York City, they had their wedding. There were a lot of basketball stars and other famous people at the party.

The couple had been together for a long time. They had been through a lot of hard times, but they worked through them all together. In 2010, they were accused of cheating on each other, which led to a short breakup.

After her divorce, Lala was linked to a few different men, including the rapper Maino and the actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. But she never said anything in public about any of these relationships.

Who is Lala Anthony’s Current Dating?

So, who does Lala Anthony now date? Recent rumours say that she may be going out with someone new. Last year, there were rumours that Lala Anthony and BMF actor DaVinchi were seeing each other.

The new couple La La and BMF Actor DaVinchi were seen holding hands, which made the camera focus on them. In an interview on The Jason Lee Show, Lala and Da’Vinchi talk about the time last year when they were seen holding hands off-set and it went viral.

Lala Anthony Dating

Lala plays “Markaisha Taylor” on BMF. She is the girlfriend of one of the main characters, Terry Flenory, who is played by Da’Vinchi. During the interview, Lala said that she likes her friendship with Da’Vinchi because it makes the chemistry on set work better. But Da’Vinchi said that filming sex scenes makes him uncomfortable because he is a traditionalist.

Lala and Da’Vinchi talk about the viral hand moment when he grabbed her hand because there were a lot of people there.

Da’Vinchi also says he’s a gentleman and asks Lala “if she was falling” or had lost her balance, which is another reason he held her hand. But Lala said earlier in the interview that she wouldn’t date a co-star because it can be hard.

During the whole interview, Jason kept saying that he thinks Da’Vinchi would be a good match for his homegirl, but the two actors kept their cool. Da’Vinchi said again that he and Lala aren’t dating and that he’s “married,” but Jason pointed out that he wasn’t wearing a ring.

About Lala’s Rumored Relationships

In February 2022, Lala was seen in Miami with Antonio Brown, who used to play for the NFL. They were seen together at a restaurant, and it was said that they spent the night together.

Neither Lala nor Antonio has said for sure that they are dating, though. In general, Lala hasn’t said much about her relationships. She hasn’t posted any pictures of a boyfriend on social media, and she hasn’t said anything about the rumours about her and Antonio Brown.

Lala Anthony Dating

Even though the rumours about Lala and Antonio are the newest, they are not the only ones that have been going around in the past few years. In 2021, there were rumours that rapper and actor Clifford “T.I.” Harris was going out with Lala. The rumours started when the two were seen at a party together, but Lala put an end to them on social media.

There have also been rumours that rapper and actor Romeo Miller is going out with Lala. They’ve known each other for years and often post photos of themselves together on social media. But Lala hasn’t said for sure if they are dating or not.

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