Tunngle : A New Era Of Play Together And Live Together

Hey, worry up to play your video game limiting your accessibility in a virtual play network (VPN). Get around a reliable P2P VPN network by downloading Tunngle.

It gives you networking induced all your legitimate concern to operate any old video game safely and securely. How astonishing to play a multiplayer game on your PC if you have credible software support like Tunngle which is free from any insidious malware or viruses.

It is like a child play to register and operate the software as soon as you open your account with a valid username and password. Software once installed allows you to join the game or participate.

It has an integrated messenger service to browse multiple chat rooms simultaneously. You will get a compatible user interface and several commands to join the chat room with added Tunngle features.

I do personally use and recommend Tunngle not only chat or play multiplayer games but sharing files, downloading with VPN support. Tunngle gives multiple supports with added benefits and features.

Safety and security

He uses of Tunngle software is fully encrypted and free from any undesirable spyware or trojan. Tunngle software has gone through rigorous testing to detect any malware practices but found it safe and secure for the end-users. Get information here.



Get the best Tunngle alternatives


you get registered here and get easy accessibility with your near one like sitting in front of you. Wippien does not have a peculiar setup to run and you may use this to share photos, links, printers, and services peer to peer.

It may run and work with multiple protocols like AIM, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, etc.


DynVpn is also a kind of virtual private network service and it is operated by NetVert. When you register yourself on DynVpn it provides you nodes that allow you to get peer to peer connection safely and securely.


By using UltraVPN you get a secure VPN to avoid blocks set up by your ISP or to reach your sites and services. It is encrypted and gives you the best services against hacking or any malware practices. You may connect yourself directly by using this VPN to anyone.


Remobo creates Instant Private Network on which you or your invitee can share files or work from a remote area in an encrypted manner.

This software allows you to operate your computer to share your files or data while travelling or you are on vacation too. Remobo also enabled you for multi-player gaming and it does not require any set to operate.Tunngle


It is also a VPN software and allows users to create a virtual network for hosting and using a private server. You may remotely handle your PC to control your business or any other operation by using Hamachi.

Alex Pankratov developed this VPN software and you will get it on any operating system like Windows or Linux.

ZeroTier One

ZeroTier One is network management and a combination of VPN and SD-WAN. It gives you an automated deployment and connects you from miles away without wasting a single minute.

It gives you connectivity from a public to a private virtual network. It is fully encrypted and peers to peer connectivity.


If you get fed up with the blocked videos on YouTube GenMirror is the best to give you a free SSL web proxy on mobile, or PC. It allows you to get secured traffic because it is fully encrypted. It also allows you to keep hiding while using or browsing the network.


GameRanger is a P2P VPN software and allows you to play a multiplayer game that requires voice chat.

Australian developer Scott Kevill brought this software came in use in Jull 1999. The installation is hassle-free and the software is free to download.


Frequent Asked Question

What is Tunngle?

Tunngle is a network management software and used for P2P VPN for the multiplayer game which requires several chat rooms or voice chat. It supports thousands of games by simulating a LAN across the internet.

Why was Tunngle shut down?

Tunngle was shut down due to data protection regulation in 2018 for one day buy the software enables you to create a safe and secure virtual public network in an encrypted manner.

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Is Tunngle only used for gaming purposes?

The software can be used in multiple portfolios like operating business organization from distant apart by creating private network peer to peer. You can also use your computer or PC remotely by using this software network.

How does Tunngle work?

First, you have to download Tunngle. It is compatible with almost every operating system like windows or vista. You have to register yourself after installing the file which is convenient to use.

After installation, you will have to launch the Tunngle installer file and to restart your computer for the virtual network adapter to work properly.

How secure your system while running Tunngle VPN?

Tunngle provides you with an encrypted network safely and it has been tested by more than 20 anti-virus programs or malware detectors like AVG, G-Data, and Avast many more.


I do personally recommend you to download Tunngle because it is tested and encrypted. Tunngle is compatible to run across thousands of multiplayer games.

Apart from the gaming network of VPN, you will enjoy multiple tools and facilities.