Learn English Vocabulary With Apps


Today, learning foreign languages really does not allocate much time. Only at the start, to get to the Pre-Intermediate, you have to tighten up. Then you can learn languages in a mode comfortable for you. And one of the methods is Promova – an application for smartphones. It does not take up your personal time at all. The mobile application will turn any modern smartphone into a fun tutorial that will always be at hand. It is enough to install one or more programs on your iOS or Android device to start learning languages anytime, anywhere.


Mobile applications require you to do 10-20 minutes of practice per day. They cannot be considered the main way of learning, but they can serve as a nice bonus. This way, you keep your vocabulary in good shape and gradually learn new vocabulary.

A few tips before starting

You haven't downloaded any English learning apps yet, but you can already do a lot of useful things with your smartphone to learn English.


Switch the interface language

It would seem a triviality, but valuable. You use your smartphone constantly; some studies prove that it's up to 5-7 hours daily. So why not use it as a direction to the world of foreign languages? At least terms frequently seen on display, like temperature, messages, notifications, settings, applications, etc., will stay in memory evermore.

Get used to google in English

First, it is, of course, the practice of the language. Secondly, this way you will find much more useful information. The volume of the Russian-language Internet is negligible compared to the English-language one. Therefore, if you want to google some educational videos, collections of ideas, recipes, and so on, many more interesting and original ideas can be found in English.

Install your voice assistant

In general, we have not yet reached the point where we use voice commands everywhere in everyday life. Somehow this did not take root, just as video calls from a mobile did not take root. If you are uncomfortable, then you can not use it in public, but at home, talking with a virtual interlocutor is an additional opportunity to improve spoken English and work on your accent.

Read, listen and watch

Take at least an hour to read or watch something in English. Let it be one episode of the series, reading your favorite book, or watching videos of charismatic bloggers. Doesn't matter. Just do it consistently, and it will prove to be a very important part of learning in the long run.

Don't forget the basics

Perhaps you will download one or two English learning apps. But in any case, you must remember that these are just additional materials. Learning usefully in the app is not a bad idea, but it will not replace the basic lessons: learning new words, grammar, classes with a teacher, and so on. It is necessary to learn a language in a complex way.