6 Gmail Features You Need to Know About

Email management is an art, and it requires skill to organize and manage the bulk of incoming and outgoing emails. However, many tech-savvy experts save their time and effort by using tools. All the individuals or organizations corresponding with friends or partners over email need to know about some of the email hacks and features that can help avoid clutter.

In this article, we are going to uncover some of the lesser-known features of Gmail so that you can get maximum productivity.

Let’s dig in straight away!

1. ‘Help Me Write’

When writing an email, did you ever get out of words and struggle to curate an appropriate response? Well, you are not alone. Almost all of us find it difficult to compose a perfect email most of the time. But don’t worry, Gmail has got you covered. You did not know about it before, right?

Gmail has a feature called ‘Help me write,’ which is powered by Artificial Technology Intelligence to help you create entire drafts. Since it is available as a part of the Workspace Labs Program, you will have to sign up for it. After that, you will see this icon when composing a new email. This tool comes with a lot of features; for example, it allows you to choose options to make your email informal, formal, make it shorter, or longer, according to your requirements. Google’s quintessential feature ‘I am feeling lucky’ is there on this tool as well, which you can use to see what tone of the email it comes with.

To use this tool, you need to look for the star with a pencil and add a prompt explaining what you want to write about in the email.

Click Create and you will see a draft based on the prompt you have made. Then, click Insert if the result is good to go; however, you can click Refine if you want to make changes. You can add details from the previous thread to make your emails more meaningful and bridge contextual gaps.

Running Gmail requires you to connect the device to the internet but to use this particular feature, you need a fast internet. This AI-backed feature will not be able to produce responses if the internet keeps dropping down. Therefore, it is advised to always rely on a fast and reliable internet like Xfinity. Check out Xfinity en español to learn more (For Spanish customers).

2. Mute Email Threads

You must be getting regular emails from one place which is useless and you can’t sit and delete every day. Plus, getting multiple email notifications throughout the day is nothing but annoying and distracts you from any other work you are doing. For that, Gmail has the solution. You can mute email threads in your inbox view so that you do not keep on getting notifications. By muting the conversation all at once, you sign up yourself for peace and less clutter in your inbox. To mute a thread, select the checkboxes alongside all the conversations you want to mute, and select the three dots on the top of the inbox labeled more. Then, select a mute conversation to make them disappear from your inbox view. Doing this will also help you find important emails easily.

If someday you feel like checking the muted threads, you can type ‘is: muted’ in the search bar and all the muted conversations will roll out.

3. Customize Email Views

Another specialty of Gmail is that it allows you to personalize your inbox view to create a custom space for better management of emails. By doing this, you can efficiently manage your emails. For example, you can activate the reading pan view. To do that, go to settings and scroll down to view reading pane view. Select the view you want and there you go! You can also apply this function to the inbox view. You can explore more settings and customize your Gmail the way you want to improve efficiency when sorting through emails.

4. Undo Send

We all have been guilty of sending unfinished emails to the wrong recipient. When it comes to emails, it looks impossible to unsend the emails but Gmail has got you the good news. It allows you to unsend a message within five seconds of sending it. However, this is the default time which you can extend to 10, 20, or 30 seconds. Click on See all settings under undo send. Then, change the cancellation time according to your preference, and it is done. This hidden feature is truly a blessing as this will save you from embarrassment.

5. Schedule Send

On Gmail, it is possible to create an email in advance and set it up to deliver at a specific time in the future. Go to create and write the email. Once you compose your email, click the small arrow beside the Send button. Click  Schedule Send and choose the time and date for the email.

6. Snooze a Conversation

At times, we receive lots of emails but they can be dealt with at different times. To keep your inbox clean and respond to each email on time, you can benefit from the Snooze tool. This tool at the top right will remove emails and bring them back when you are ready to deal with them.

Bottom Line

Gmail has lots of incredible features that allow you to manage your emails meticulously. Check out the top six hidden features we have unveiled in the article and test them now!