Apocalyptic Horror K-drama Series Sweet Home Season 2 Will Return

The Netflix apocalyptic horror K-drama Sweet Home Season 2 will return On the streaming service officially extended the series for two additional back-to-back seasons. Season 1 director Lee Eung-bok will return to helm both Seasons 2 and 3, it has been revealed. The upcoming seasons of Sweet Home will feature an expanded cast and narrative, according to a statement from Netflix.

The first season of Sweet Home aired on Netflix on December 18, 2020, and peaked at No. 3 on the streaming service’s Top 10 list for the United States. Later, it occupied the number one position in eight global regions and was among the top 10 in 42 areas. Sweet Home is based on the Naver WEBCOMIC by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-cha with the same name.

Apocalyptic Horror K-drama Series Sweet Home Season 2 Will Return

What Happened to the Remaining Survivors?

Only a few people managed to escape Green Homes alive. With the promise of shelter and a haven, probably, the survivor’s future home will not be safe for very long. Eun Hyuk clarified that the military could not guarantee safety since they cannot prevent survivors from becoming monsters. Eun Soo has feelings for Cha Hyun Soo, therefore a tragic or joyful reunion in the future is possible.

When will Sweet Home Season 2 be available on Netflix?

Since Netflix just renewed Sweet Home for two more seasons, don’t expect an official release date for Season 2 any time soon, but we will update you on Epicstream.com as soon as the streaming service confirms a date. Unfortunately, Sweet Home Season 2 is not mentioned in Netflix’s list of September 2022 movies and TV shows; therefore, it is likely that the second season will not be published until late 2023 or later.

What could be the Storyline of Sweet Home Season 2?

Since “Sweet Home” has not yet been officially renewed, there is no official plot summary for the second season. Given the finish of the first season, it is likely that the program will continue shortly after the conclusion of the first season.

Apocalyptic Horror K-drama Series Sweet Home Season 2 Will Return

In the last moments of the Season 1 finale, Chan Hyon-soo awakens in an armored vehicle driven by Pyeon Sang-Wook, Ui-young, who has lately assumed the Sang-shape. Given the show’s cliffhanger conclusion, it is understandable for fans to be curious about the continuation of the plot.

Netflix’s platform offers a vast selection of shows geared toward a variety of demographics. Even if not everyone like Korean horror, “Sweet Home” supporters are hopeful for a second season.

Who could be the Cast in Sweet Home Season 2?

Even though there has been no official statement regarding the upcoming season of Sweet Home, we can expect nearly every character to return if the season 2 premiere date is scheduled to occur as expected. In addition, we may see some familiar faces in season 2.

Apocalyptic Horror K-drama Series Sweet Home Season 2 Will Return

In addition to the majority of returning characters, we may also see a number of new recurring and supporting characters in the forthcoming season.

  • Song Kang as Cha Hyun-soo
  • Lee Jin-Wook portrayed Pyeon Sang-Wook
  • Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-Kyung
  • Go Min-si portraying Lee Eun-Yoo
  • Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-soo
  • Go Yoon-Jung portraying Park Yoo-Ri
  • Kim Sang-ho as Han Du-sik
  • Kim Guk-Hee portraying Son Hye-In

IMDb Rating

If you have never watched the series and are interested in its quality, I can assure you that it is good! 7.4/10 is a decent IMDb rating, while the average audience rating on Rottentomatoes is 83%. Consequently, this show is included in my list. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, consider what others have said about it.


Due to the lockout and COVID, Hollywood is currently producing very little video entertainment; as a result, I’ve been watching international television series that is still being created.

I am ecstatic to have discovered this hidden gem of a television program. It is extraordinary! Except for a few foreign cultural references, I had no trouble understanding most of the references in this show. Indeed, it is superior to the majority of Hollywood films produced nowadays! The acting is satisfactory.


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