Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date: is There Any Chance of a Sequel?


Elfen Lied was a lengthy journey with a tidy execution and a depressing conclusion. We have a good feeling that a lot of people around the world have been waiting to learn more about the second season.

Therefore, the question is, will there be a season 2 of Elfen Lied? Or has the release date for Elfen Lied season 2 already been announced? For your benefit, we'll lay out everything in this article.


About Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied explores a variety of key themes, such as wrath, contempt, love, betrayal, cruelty, and the murkiness of one's own spirit. It reaches a point where it becomes really challenging for you to try and determine who is dishonest and who isn't. Because the actual characters appear so naturally that you feel like you know them after a few scenes, it almost seems like the anime makes no effort to advance their personalities.

Elfen Lied Season 2


Potential Release Date of Elfen Lied Season 2

After 18 years, Arms Corporation has yet to order more episodes of the anime series. We have been kept waiting for such a long time even though the anime isn't officially cancelled.

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For the second season of this anime, demand for the second episode of this series was constant. Beginning on July 25, 2004, and ending on October 17, 2004, was the first season. People were interested in learning what transpired after the series' suspenseful conclusion because they were left wondering. Since the series had previously ended abruptly, the suspense should have at least been resolved. The animation was expertly made by Arms Corporation.

Cast of Elfen Lied Season 2

Main Cast Members of  Elfen Lied Season are as follows:

  • Kouta (Chihiro Suzuki)
  • Lucy (Sanae Kobyashi)
  • Mayu (Emiko Hagiwara)
  • Nana(Yuki Matsuoka)
  • Yuka (Mamiko Noto)

Elfen Lied Season 2

Plot of Elfen Lied Season 2

With several alterations made, it simply follows the first seven volumes of the manga, and the anime's conclusion is supremely sophisticated. Lucy is shown as a completely distinct and heritably evolved type of humans with a few fallen angel horns growing off of her head and the ability to use magical hands with a 2 metre range. Due to her unusual abilities, she becomes the victim of the most ruthless government investigations, which restrict her to a small office. One fine day, she stumbles across a chance to finally flee, and it is at that moment that she threatens to unleash butchery and cold-blooded carnage across the entire region.

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A skilled rifleman attempts to kill her by going for her head as she tries to flee. She survives the shot, but is left with a medical problem that causes her to suffer from a dual personality. When Lucy is in the state of her previous character, two school-age kids cross her path who are moved by her lack of remorse and mistake her for an outlaw. What will happen in Season 2 of Elfen Lied?

Trailer of Elfen Lied Season 2

Currently, there isn't a trailer available. If you haven't, you may view the Season 1 trailer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the anime series Elfen Lied any good?

I'll describe it here if you're unfamiliar with the programme and want to know if it's right for you. Violence, dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction are all prevalent in the programme. Now, if you enjoy this genre of anime, you should watch this one frequently. There are 13 episodes in total, and as you watch more episodes, they become more engaging.

What are this show's ratings?

The popularity of the show among viewers is astounding. Additionally, this show has received favourable reviews from critics. The Show received an 8.7/10 upon release. Let's talk about the show's audience rating, which is 4.6 stars.

Why is Elfen Lied so controversial?

The strong language in Elfen Lied is what people remember it for, not the story. This anime has so much blood and violence that it almost makes sense. People's limbs are severed, their heads are torn off, while others' bodies are just ripped apart in general.