Tennessee Rapper Big Scarr Cause of Death Explained

A purported family member of the late rapper Big Scarr has claimed that he died from a Drugs overdose. On Thursday, the upcoming artist passed away at his girlfriend’s apartment in Memphis, Tennessee. The horrific tragedy continues to be investigated by law authorities.

In an interview with TMZ, the singer’s uncle Arthur Woods stated that his nephew died from a prescription drug overdose. Woods continued by stating that he did not know how the 22-year-old received the medications.

Big Scarr’s Cause of death

Big Scarr’s death has not been attributed to a precise reason, therefore it is possible that more information will emerge in the coming days. Additionally, it is unknown precisely when the rapper passed away.

According to TMZ, the late recording artist’s uncle, Arthur Woods, was able to reveal additional details on his nephew’s passing. Apparently, the Memphis native, born Alexander Woods, overdosed on prescription medications at his girlfriend’s residence yesterday.

Big Scarr attends a party sponsored by Gucci Mane and 1017 at Republic Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia on August 12, 2020. It is unknown where Scarr obtained the drug. However, according to his family, the numerous terrible experiences he endured, such as getting shot and surviving a severe vehicle accident, weighed heavily on him.


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Although the pain was definitely excruciating, it just motivated Woods to grow and establish himself in the profession. His stage name was inspired by the car accident in which he crashed through the windscreen. He was left with a big scar on his torso as a result.

The bullet that struck Scarr during his shooting event in 2020 began travelling up his spine. Following this, he needs appendectomy surgery.

Who was Big Scarr?

Big Scarr, whose true name is Alexander Woods, was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States on April 7, 2000. He was raised in the Magnolia neighbourhood of South Memphis. At the age of 16, Woods was flung through the glass of his friend’s automobile in a car accident. He is a Grape Street Watts Crips member.

Big Scarr’s “SoIcyBoyz,” which features Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano, propelled him to fame. He has also published “SoIcyBoyz 2” and “SoIcyBoyz 3” as additional instalments in the series.

In the second and third instalments, producer Tay Keith is included, while Gucci Mane is featured in the third instalment. Big Grim Reaper, Big Scarr’s debut mixtape, was released on April 16, 2021, debuted at number 25 on the Billboard 200 and sold 22,000 copies in its first week. This resulted in Big Scarr’s first charting album.

Big Scarr was shot in the hip in 2020. The bullet entered Woods’ spine, necessitating the removal of his appendix as well as the realignment of his right leg.

Tennessee Rapper Big Scarr Cause of Death Explained

Big Scarr Debuted in the hip-hop world in 2020.

Big Scarr began building a name for himself in 2020 after being signed to 1017 Records, Gucci Mane’s record company. Subsequently, he was featured on a number of 1017 compilation albums and began to build a name for himself, whether he was collaborating on a track or had the opportunity to demonstrate his solo abilities. In 2021, he released “Big Grim Reaper,” his first and only official mixtape, to widespread critical and commercial success.

The mix tape featured “Poppin‘,” which was likely Big Scarr’s most notable solo track during his tragically brief career. Big Scarr’s future in the business seemed bright, and despite the fact that his output in 2022 was less than in previous years, many in the hip-hop community and those who actively follow it maintained a tight eye on him. Fans will now be left struggling to comprehend why his life was cut short.