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Juice WRLD’s Cause of Death Explained: What Were His Last Words?

The shocking news of the extraordinary rapper’s premature death was a terrible blow to the entire world, resulting in a massive resonating shock of grief and agony. His bereaved fiancee, mother, and friends, as well as a multitude of fans, are left with a pile of unanswered questions.

Juice WRLD Death Cause

A month after Juice WRLD‘s unfortunate death, an autopsy was conducted, and the cause of death was first difficult to determine. When more tests, such as those for heart pathology, neuropathy, and toxicology, were completed, the cause of Juice WRLD’s unfortunate untimely death would be identified.

It was revealed to the entire world that the cause of death was an accidental overdose caused by oxycodone and codeine poisoning. The overdose of drugs proved to be the cause of Juice WRLD’s terrible demise, as everyone had predicted.

Juice WRLD's Cause of Death Explained: What Were His Last Words?

On the 13th of December, his family and friends gathered in the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ, where his open-casket funeral took place. His grieving mother, grandmother, and siblings paid him their respects and spoke passionately about him.

During that time, his grieving mother observed, “Addiction has no bounds, and its effects extend beyond the one battling it. We hope that the dialogue he initiated with his music and legacy can aid others in their battles, as this was his greatest wish. The legacy of Jarad’s love, joy, and emotional candor will endure.

Carmella developed The Live Free 999 Fund to assist others battling with depression, addiction, anxiety, etc., as a way to memorialize her cherished son and to provide a helping hand and a shoulder to depend on.

The Last Words From Juice WRLD Before Death

This interesting rapper’s tragic death was shrouded in intrigue and controversy. Numerous conspiracy theories surrounded Juice WRLD‘s demise, with the most prevalent being that he had foretold his own demise. Numerous claims were made against him, and in an effort to escape all of them, he attempted suicide.

We were only able to obtain a sliver of information regarding Juice WRLD’s final comments, despite our arduous attempts, which were futile. Juice WRLD’s final words were “I love you guys more than life itself.”


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Fans of Juice WRLD from many regions adored and recognized his talents and cheered for him, and he was so generous as to give all the love and return without fail.

According to the paramedics’ account from the site, Juice WRLD was incoherent before his death, therefore it is possible that they are not his genuine or final remarks.

So, as the news of Juice WRLD’s death spread, fans around the world were devastated and plunged into a deafening stillness of grief. Many of them argued vehemently that he foretold his own demise and left ‘clues’ in his songs.

Moreover, the musician tweeted just days previous to his tragic death.

“ This life is yours do if you want to do great things and change the world don’t let no one tell you SH*T, and you will be bigger than ‘juice wrld’ will ever be, and he is going down as a legend”.

Following this post, he left another clue in his subsequent tweet, leaving his followers absolutely perplexed as to what he was attempting to convey to the world. He tweeted“My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years, then fake my death”.