Abigail Breslin Dating: How Did the Actress Discloses Her Abusive Relationships?

Actress and singer Abigail Kathleen Breslin hails from the United States. She became well-known with the comedy-drama movie Little Miss Sunshine (2006), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award at the young age of 10.

Many individuals are interested in learning more about Abigail Breslin‘s relationships and past partners. Stay with us as we reveal all of these things to you.

Who is Abigail Breslin?

When Breslin was three years old, she made her acting debut in a Toys “R” Us commercial. She was born in New York City, the daughter of talent manager Kim (née Walsh) and consultant Michael Breslin, who is a specialist in telecommunications and a computer programmer.

Abigail Breslin Dating

Ryan and Spencer Breslin, her two older brothers, are both actors. The Breslin siblings were up in a “very close-knit” family in New York. Her father has Jewish ancestry.

Abigail Adams, the first Second Lady of the United States, inspired the name Breslin. She continued to live in the same Lower East Side apartment where she was raised as of 2013.

Who is Abigail Breslin Currently Dating?

Ira Kunyansky, a 31-year-old longtime partner, and Abigail Breslin have been engaged for six months as of February 22, 2022. Kunyansky, who works in the tourism sector, dislikes being the centre of attention. Although it’s unknown when they started dating, Breslin shared their first picture together in November 2017.

Past Relationships of Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin has been around Hollywood since she was a little child, so she is used to having her love life in the news. Over the years, she has been associated with numerous professionals in the field.

Michael Clifford

26-year-old Michael Clifford, the band’s lead guitarist, is thought to have dated Abigail Breslin in 2013. Additionally, there are tales that claim Breslin wrote the song You Suck with him in mind. The Australian guitarist wed Crystal Leighhave.

Abigail Breslin Dating

Jack Barakat

Jack Barakat, the singer for All Time Low, and Abigail Breslin allegedly dated from October 2013 to 2014. They were seen in photos together several times. He was 25 and Breslin was 17 at the time. Barakat and All Time Low were accused of grooming a juvenile in 2021. According to reports, the guitarist is currently single.

Tom Sturridge

The 36-year-old Sandman actor Tom Sturridge reportedly started dating Abigail Breslin in 2016. The other theory for Breslin’s You Suck’s addressee was Sturridge. The British actor is currently thought to be dating British fashion designer, writer, and model Alexa Chung.

Freddie Highmore

Between 2016 and 2017, Abigail Breslin was said to be dating 30-year-old British actor Freddie Highmore. Neither actor ever confirmed they were dating one another. Freddie Highmore and Klarissa Munz have been wed for a year.

Abigail Breslin Discloses About Past Abusive Relationship

During domestic violence awareness month, Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin revealed a horrifying prior violent relationship. She provided a thorough account of her two years of enduring domestic abuse on Instagram.

She previously shared on Instagram how she was diagnosed with PTSD after being sexually assaulted by an ex-boyfriend. On both occasions, she withheld the identity of the violent partner.

She went into great detail about the horrific abuse she had to endure and how she had to hide it over the course of the relationship.

Breslin described the verbal and physical abuse she received from her abuser. She continued by expressing her gratitude to all who had helped her throughout this difficult time. The Zombieland actress did not name the abuser, but the news raised questions about her love life.

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