Let’s Find Out: Who is Lala Kent Dating Now?

Lala Kent has broken up with Randall Emmett in a highly publicized manner, and she is now reentering the dating scene. The “Vanderpump Rules” actress, stated that she is going on a double date in order to “ease” her way back into dating.

I’m going out on a date tomorrow night. It is a social event. She continued, “I’ve said on my podcast a million times that I’m not ready to go on a date, but I feel like this will ease me in because it’s a group environment. He is okay.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Lala Kent‘s romantic past or her current relationship, stick around to the end of the Article.

Who is Lala Kent?

On March 25, 1971, Randall Emmett was born in Miami, Florida. He was born with the name Randall Emmett and is now 50 years old. Aries is the sign of the Ram for those born on March 25.

Randall Emmett is an American producer of both cinema and television. His production company, Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, is one he co-founded. His most well-known movies include Silence, Lone Survivor, and 2 Guns. Eyes Beyond Seeing, which came out in 1995, was his first production credit.

Who is Lala Kent Dating Now?

The 32-year-old Vanderpump Rules alum hinted on Sunday, October 9’s Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM that she “may be in love with someone.” She said of rediscovering love after her turbulent breakup with Randall, 51, in October 2021, “I don’t know how that happened.”

Given that the founder of Give Them Lala referred to her new partner as “a unicorn” for his intelligence and excellent looks, he must be quite the catch.


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“I spotted him right away. I simply thought, “Oh my god.” She remarked, “I’m going to have to have his babies or something,” before joking, “When the face strikes correctly, it’s like game over… [and] his face doesn’t match what comes out of his lips.”

Lala says, “I love his brain,” and goes on to explain that her beau is a fantastic hottie in addition to being intelligent. Lala provided several facts about her mystery man, including the fact that he is a 38-year-old “native” of Los Angeles, “has a career,” and that they met through a common friend.

The Utah native revealed, “My friend has been trying to match me up with him for a long time and we finally met. We’ve had a lot of fun together throughout our brief romance.

Lala Kent’s Relationship With Randall Emmett

In 2018, the Couple Made Their Romance Public

“2017 … You had toughness. You were incredible. You gave me tears. You gave me a grin. And on sometimes, you truly sucked. But look where You got me- Just as a human being,” Kent wrote in the Instagram caption of a picture he shared with Emmett in January 2018.

Who Is Lala Kent Dating Now?

“I want everyone to keep in mind to go on. Go with your intuition and your heart. Belief in your mind A person may say something. The ability to write exists. However, nobody in the entire world is aware of your truth. It’s just you. Never overlook that.


On the sand in September 2018, Emmett proposed. She first told about him, she exclaimed, “I can’t stop calling him my fiancé.” “Smiling hurts my face! I’m still in disbelief that I get to keep this man forever. The world’s luckiest girl, that’s me.


The couple fueled divorce rumors after Kent removed all of her Emmett Instagram photos in April 2019 following a public spat with 50 Cent. They are still dating and intend to get married in April 2020.


The coronavirus outbreak led Kent and Emmett to postpone their April 18, 2020 wedding. The couple has been honest about how the quarantine has affected their relationship. Kent’s pregnancy was disclosed not long after Emmett hinted that the couple was growing serious about starting a family.


Marc and Kent posted the first Instagram picture of their newborn daughter, Ocean. Kent caused breakup rumors in October 2021 when she deleted all references to Emmett from her Instagram profile.

In December, Kent published a piece about narcissists that appeared to mention her ex-fiance as having these traits. “Narcissists lead two separate lives.

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