Ghostbusters 4: Release Date, Plot , Cast and More

Sony has announced Ghostbusters 4, but we’re still awaiting an official release date for the Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel. After Paul Feig’s all-female reboot, the series returned to the previous two movies in the 2021 sequel. Through Egon Spengler’s daughter Cassie and grandchildren Phoebe and Trevor, the second and third generations of the Ghostbusters legacy were introduced.

Sony has confirmed that a sequel will be released in April 2022, despite Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s mixed reviews from critics. Although there was no formal announcement, a sizzle reel at CinemaCon confirmed Ghostbusters 4.

Release date Ghostbusters 4

The release date for Ghostbusters 4 is December 20, 2023. Officially unveiled at CinemaCon 2022, the film was prominently teased towards the conclusion of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Additionally, we now know that the film will be filmed under the codename “Firehouse.”

The Plot Ghostbusters 4

Certainly, the post-credits scene of Ghostbusters: Afterlife set up a sequel. However, we could not predict with certainty what form it will take, and when we questioned Reitman, he refused to answer.

Nonetheless, he stated that “all society has a bond with the supernatural.” It is probable that with the money Zeddemore reportedly earned in finance after quitting Ghostbusters, he opens a new office and possibly franchises it. Perhaps new Ghostbusters offices could open around the world.

Ghostbusters 4: Release Date, Plot , Cast and More.

A recent tweet from the official Ghostbusters account stated that the sequel will be the “next chapter in the Spengler family saga,” implying that the next film will center on Phoebe, Trevor, and the rest of the new generation. However, they have previously fought the Ghostbusters’ old foe Gozer, so perhaps next time they should confront a new foe. Please keep kids away from the talking artwork.

In addition, we know that the film will begin in New York City, where we last saw Zeddemore returning with the Ecto-1. Hence, we are likely exchanging rural Oklahoma for the concrete jungle. Jason Reitman has released another teaser. In an interview with Uproxx, he stated that there were unresolved plot points in Afterlife that may potentially inform a sequel.

“I wish I could speak with you about it [Egon’s decision to repaint the Ecto-1 with the Ghostbusters II emblem]. “Well, I’m just saying it is not a plot in this film, and we have other ideas,” he stated.

The Cast of Ghostbusters 4

As of June 2022, the cast of Ghostbusters 4 remains unknown. However, we might speculate that McKenna Grace will reprise her role as Phebe Spengler. If you were to bring back Phoebe, you would also need to bring back Carrie Coon as her mother Callie, and Finn Wolfhard as her brother Trevor — if he is not too busy with Stranger Things.

Ghostbusters 4: Release Date, Plot , Cast and More.

While we would love to see the original squad reunite, we are skeptical that they will all return. Winston Zeddemore is established as the Ghostbusters’ new patron in Afterlife, thus it would make sense for him to return. Similarly, we observe that Dan Ackroyd‘s Ray Stantz is still in New York working at his occult bookstore, indicating that he could return.


Sony Pictures is slated to release Ghostbusters: Afterlife in the United States on November 19, 2021, after delaying the film four times from its original July 2020 release date owing to ongoing global events. This is provided by Jake’s Takes.