Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World in 2023!

The most necessary equipment for playing pool is a pool table. It is a type of cue sport where you may demonstrate your skill and finesse. If you are familiar with this sport, you are probably aware of how crucial it is to have a pool table that is built properly.

Yet, there are many pool tables of exceptional quality that are tailored and created with the utmost care. These tables typically have flat surfaces and are covered with cushions or appropriate material. Each pool table is made with care, expertise, and attention to detail. So we are back with another blog on The world’s priciest pool tables. So let’s get started!

Bugatti Pool Table 

Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World

The most expensive pool table may now be placed on the superyacht so that guests can play the game while at sea. The self-levelling pool table, valued at $2.6 million, has been unveiled, according to Dailymail. The ultra-sleek pool table’s exquisite body is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and the surface is stable even in choppy waters.

Elite admirers from all over the world have already shown their support for it. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi, has indicated a desire to have one installed on his $400 million yacht Azzam. Given that the French company only intends to produce 30 unique pieces, the limited edition pool table is a valuable collector.


Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Billiard Pool Table

In 1887, a magnificent pool table was ordered for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Exhibition. The Orne & Sons Ltd. master craftsmen who created the royal item on exhibit in Manchester. It is embellished with passages from Tennyson, Byron, Scott, and Shakespeare.

The beautiful carvings show native British flora and fauna, and the panels below them show different nations. Portraits of William of Normandy, Henry I–III, and Edward I–III are expertly carved above the legs. It comes with a matching cabinet that features seven ornate panels that represent Queen Victoria’s various reigns. The price of the antique table is $1.5 million.

The History Of Australia Jubilee Pool Table

Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World

This elaborate pool table was made by skilled craftsman George Billyeald in 1885. It portrays Australia’s diverse vegetation and fauna. The Australian Jubilee pool table, which cost $1.1 million to purchase, is now on exhibit at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra, according to Miragenews.

Aside from the gold rush, the tension between the early settlers and the First Nations people, and colonial bush life are all shown in the table’s amazing design. During Queen Victoria’s reign, the table was on display in Buckingham Palace, and Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales, is rumoured to have used it to play pool. Also, it was shown at the Melbourne Centennial Exhibition (1888).

Obscura Cue Light Pool Table

On this modern pool table, an overhead projector projects pictures, and sensors keep track of the balls as you play. The table, designed by Obscura Digital, has three game modes: Mercury, Inferno, and Reveal. Inferno mode shows flames as the player moves colourful balls around the table, the mercury effect causes ripples while playing, and reveal mode lights up the table with high-resolution graphics from an overhead projector. The price of the antique table is $200,000.

Porsche 24/7 Billiard Pool Table

Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World

The fifth most expensive pool table in the world, according to Most Expensive Hub, is made of tulipwood and aluminium. It is created by Steininger and the renowned Porsche design company. The luxurious table has a lacquered design, leather compartments, rubber cushions, and a smooth surface finish. It may be transported anywhere in the world and is only produced in Austria.

Martin Bauer Tournament Pool Table

The pool table’s space-age design meets with Billiard Congress of America requirements. It has a spaceship-like body, extensive LED lighting, cutting-edge metal engineering, deep leather pockets, and a solid wood surface. The 9-foot competition table is extremely popular and flexible thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship. The cost of this table is $36,000.

Black Light Pool Table

Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World

The pool table with a glow-in-the-dark theme is an expensive find for pool players. The unique design, created by the French business Billiards Toulet, has a steel frame, a ceramic paint-based body, and interior illumination for better views. This incredibly appealing design can be quickly transformed into a dining table by placing a glass top on the top.

Dominic Gerard’s Eagle Pool Table 

The pool table with an eagle motif was made, according to Decor and Style, by the Dominic Gerard firm. The United States Federal Reserves’ Eagle served as inspiration for the carvings. The bottom of the red mahogany body is decorated with beautiful gold eagle carvings. The antique 9-foot table has a base made of luxurious black granite, and it is still one of the most often used pool tables in use today.

Pool Table With Glass Top G-1 

Top 10 Most Expensive Pool Tables in the World

A modernist pool table called the G-1 Glass Top comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The amazing shiny glass surface was uniquely crafted by Nottage Designs. A copper foundation with 12 support points is present on the body. The transparent Vitrik surface of the 15 mm thick glass has a unique ball set as well.