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Here are 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the top mobile payment systems available to users at the moment that has made the art of paying and receiving money as simple as it ought to be.

It is used by millions of people in various locations around the world and continues to be accepted by many different industries when making a transaction. It is possible to use it when making purchases, such as when shopping online, paying bills, and even when making deposits at our favorite casinos that accept Google Pay as operators have realized just how popular of a solution it has become.

Despite its popularity and usage, though, there are many that still do not quite have a full grasp of what is possible and capable when using Google Pay. There are a number of things that can go unnoticed for those who simply use it as a payment solution and nothing else.

We have highlighted six things that you may not know about it and how it can help to make life easier if you are not already using it!

Google Pay can be used on all devices

It would only be natural to think that Google Pay is limited to Android devices and cannot be used on iOS devices, especially as Apple Pay exists. Now, while the latter can only be used on Apple devices, Google’s option can be used on any device with any operating system! It remains as simple to use as you just need to upload your details and tap away as normal when making a purchase in a physical store or when making a transaction online.

Google Pay can be used to pay friends and family

Another advantage that Google Pay has over Apple Pay, and a benefit that not everyone is aware of, is the fact that it can be used to pay friends and family, as well as receive funds from others in the same way. All that is needed is the contact details, such as an email address or the phone number of the intended recipient, and the amount of money wanted to send. Once they get the notification, they just must accept it, and then the money will be with them instantly!

Google Pay uses encryption technology to remain secure

While it is not a secret that it is one of the securest mobile payment systems available, some may not have realized that Google Pay utilizes some of the highest levels of security to ensure users are protected. Encryption technology is used throughout each transaction made, and this helps to protect them from being hacked and stolen by cybercriminals looking to try and obtain your money by illicit means. Additionally, access to your account can be disabled from other devices should your phone be lost, thus providing a greater level of security.

Each transaction has added Purchase Protection

If anything were to ever go wrong when making a transaction, Google Pay will automatically protect it by covering it with Purchase Protection. This is an added feature that can prove to be very useful when it comes to trying to resolve any issues that may have been encountered.

Google Pay can be used as a loyalty card

Perhaps one of the biggest aspects that non-Google Pay users were not aware of is that the solution can also be used as a loyalty card and provide users with rewards when making certain transactions. It is important to realize that there are certain terms and conditions as not everything is rewarded, but the fact that there are incentives available make it more appealing than other mobile payment systems. Apple Pay, for example, does not offer this benefit to its users.

Splitting bills easily with Google Pay

Everyone has encountered an experience whereby they have been out and wants to split the cost between them. When a bill arrives, it can be a pain to pay if there are multiple people who want to pay for their share. Google Pay makes this simple as it gives users the chance to each make their split of the payment as a request will be sent to them, and then they just must send their split in order to pay.

Google Pay provides plenty of benefits

These are just six of the things that you are unlikely to have known about Google Pay, especially if you were not familiar with the mobile payment system. Perhaps now you do, you may use it more to your advantage and take full control of the benefits it can offer!