The Shocking Truth About the Ending of the Original ‘Night Court’ Finally Revealed

Everyone who has ever worked a night shift understands that the atmosphere at work is different in the dark, from the nature of the work to the coworkers. Night Court, a sitcom that aired on NBC from January 1984 to May 1992, reflected the late-night shift spirit more than any other sitcom. Night Court is receiving its own resurrection, How exactly did the first Night Court series conclude?

How Did the Original Night Court End?

In the Night Court revival series, Abby Stone (Melissa Rauch) aspires to become a night court judge like her father. In the original Night Court, Abby’s father, Harry Stone (Harry Anderson), presided over the night court, ruling with an iron, legal fist of justice (and magic) over prosecutors and public defenders such as Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) and Christine Sullivan (Markle Post). Harry aspired to become a magician.

Consider Night Court to be a scripted version of Judge Judy that is significantly funnier. In each episode, Judge Harry Stone presided over a variety of bizarre and comical cases during the night shift at a Manhattan court. For instance, how and why did a group of old and young Trekkies find themselves in court?

The Shocking Truth About the Ending of the Original 'Night Court' Finally Revealed

Entertainment Weekly’s 1992 review of the Night Court series finale described the original Night Court ending as “one of the dullest series finales you’ve ever watched.” In the original Night Court finale, Judge Stone considered other employment alternatives, such as a chance to tour with his musical idol or an offer to become a law professor at Columbia University.

Dan Fielding discovers the fallacy of his playboy ways as he is on the verge of marrying someone he does not love. Johnny abandons the wedding after realizing he has always loved Christine.

Nostradamus Shannon (Richard Moll), a night court bailiff, truly has an encounter with extraterrestrials. We warned you that strange things always occur during the night shift! Christine ends up earning a seat in Congress, despite her strangeness. At least someone concluded with a flourish!

Why It’s Doubtful Christine and Harry Married

When it was reported that the Night Court revival would focus on Harry Stone’s daughter, it appeared plausible that the revival would disclose that Harry and Christine got married and settled down.

Christine kissed Harry at the series finale, stating that she would miss him the most out of everyone she was leaving behind, after constantly teasing a love pairing between them throughout the course of Night Court’s final six seasons.

The Shocking Truth About the Ending of the Original 'Night Court' Finally Revealed

This conclusion was also hinted at in the 30 Rock episode “The One with the Cast of Night Court,” in which the 30 Rock cast gave Night Court its own series finale, which concluded with Harry and Christine’s wedding.

Yet, it appears doubtful that Harry and Christine were married prior to the reboot of the Night Court universe. Dan mentions Harry Stone’s death in the pilot episode when he meets Abby for the first time, but he says nothing about her mother. This indicates that Christine is not Abby’s mother, as Dan would be concerned about her well-being.

Where Can I Watch the Original ‘Night Court’ Online?

Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST, NBC broadcasts new episodes of the Night Court revival series (you can stream the episodes afterward on Peacock).

You can also stream or rent episodes of the original Night Court series on Roku TV or Amazon Prime Video (fans can watch the pilot episode of the original Night Court series for free on Prime, with ads).

The two-episode season premiere of the Night Court revival will air on NBC tonight between 8 and 9 p.m. EDT. Did we mention that John will reprise his role as defense attorney Dan Fielding? More late-night court shenanigans await!

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