The Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023!


Even though it may be Oscar season, everyone's attention is focused on television because HBO's The Last of Us is breaking viewing growth records. Everyone is looking to discover anything that may somehow rival it. This applies to Netflix as well, which, as usual, has a tonne of new shows this month, though I doubt any of them will quite measure up.

Here are the top ten Netflix shows for a variety of age groups and interests that will debut in February 2023. Yet there is no assurance that they will be renewed.


1. Gunther’s Millions (February 1) 

Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023

Gunther's Millions, the tale of the world's wealthiest dog (yep, you read that right) and his extremely odd owners who participated in more orgies than I feel comfortable reading about, is the one documentary you should watch this month.


2. New Amsterdam Seasons 3 and 4 (February 1)

I believe this is the only non-Netflix original on the list, but thanks to a licencing agreement with NBC, Netflix has included the two most recent seasons of the programme, which have shown to be very popular and drive a lot of viewing time. If you enjoy medical dramas, you'll probably enjoy this.

3. On My Block: Freeridge (February 2) 

Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023

Missed On My Block since it ended in 2021 after 4 seasons and 48 episodes? On My Block: Freeridge (February 2) This is a really uncommon Netflix spin-off, something you don't see very frequently. The programme centres on a new group of pals and are based on Easter eggs from the final episodes of the original.

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4. You Season 4, Part 1 (February 9)

Even though it's only part 1, I would say that You season 4 is the biggest Netflix release of the month (Part 2 is a month later on March 9). You'll travel to Europe, where Joe discovers that a different murderer is after him this time. He must sift among his posh new friends to determine who it is while also battling the impulse to commit further murders (good luck with that).

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5. My Dad the Bounty Hunter (February 9) 

Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023

The show centres on two children who unintentionally accompany their dad, an extraterrestrial bounty hunter, on one of his missions. No, there are no little Yodas involved. Jim Rash, Rob Riggle, Russell Hornsby, and Yvette Nicole Brown all lend their voices to the programme. Animation has recently struggled across the board in the streaming sector, so hopefully, it does well.

6. Perfect Match Season 1 (February 14) 

This one will be amazing to witness since it is an unholy combination of realities. To create a single, cohesive pool of daters for all of its reality series, Netflix is channelling Bachelor in Paradise. Contestants from Too Hot to Handle, The Circle, Selling Tampa, Sexy Beasts, Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, and The Mole, among others, will appear on the programme. The intensity of drama can set your television on fire.

7. Red Rose (February 15) 

Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023

While techno horror can be hit or miss, the premise of Red Rose, in which kids download an app that forces them to do risky things, or else, intrigues me. Given that I adore the film Nerve, this sounds almost precisely like it.

8. Ganglands Season 2 (February 17) 

The criminal drama Ganglands, which has been off the air for a year and a half but is back with a second season, takes us across the ocean to France. Although it is a movie adaptation, Netflix has turned it into a full-fledged franchise.

9. Outer Banks Season 3 (February 23) 

Top 10 Shows on Netflix in Feb 2023

I'm a little surprised that Outer Banks has survived this long considering Netflix's reputation and the fact that this could be its final season. This year, it is clear that the programme helped Madelyn Cline become a star because she recently appeared in Rian Johnson's Glass Onion.

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10. Formula 1: Driven to Survive Season 5 (February 24) 

You can sure that even though I may not watch the actual races throughout the year, I will binge-watch the entire new season of Drive to Survive starting on the first day to take in all the drama and action. Because of how popular this show has been, Netflix has decided to produce versions of it for almost all other professional sports.