Top 10 Hacker Movies for Any Occasion

Are you looking for the next exciting movie to watch?

Hacking movies might be a good pick. Even though not all of them depict hackers realistically, they still have a good storyline and are exciting to watch.

We’d like to offer you a rundown of the 10 best hacking films for any occasion.

Either you’re having a romantic evening with your partner or hosting a movie night for your friends – you’ll certainly find a movie that everyone will enjoy watching!

#1: War Games – 1983

  • Watch if – you want some 80s classic vibe.

War Games follows a young high school student played by David Lightman who accidentally starts World War III by hacking into a military supercomputer. Oops.

This movie is the first-ever made about hacking, making it the start of something beautiful. If you want to start your hacker movie journey anywhere, start with the ridiculous mind trip of War Games.

#2: Hackers – 1995

  • Watch if – the 90s concept of computer technology and cyberpunk is your thing.

Hacker is a movie that follows a group of young hackers on their journey of “fighting the authority” but eventually the story turns into hacker vs. hacker. Those who love the awkward 90s (and Angelina Jolie) will enjoy this experience. It’s ridiculous while also having a nice romantic subplot.

Hacker is also a movie for those who want to learn more about social engineering. This hacker technique is used to this day to steal user data.

#3: Snowden – 2016

  • Watch if – you want to feel like an intellectual.

If you are looking for something a bit more serious, Snowden is your movie. This movie delves into Edward Snowden, one of the world’s most wanted people, for exposing the world to the NSA’s illegal surveillance techniques.

This movie likely spurred a discussion on internet privacy. Questions related to finding out more about VPNs and Proxies became more popular.

#4: Swordfish – 2001

  • Watch if – it’s a “dude night” with your fellas.

Swordfish is option number three when people describe their first hacking movie. Halle Berry plays the hacker while John Travolta and Hugh Jackman play people who shoot people. The whole movie is about a cyber heist gone wrong.

Action fans who like shooty gun time will find themselves right at home. But don’t expect this to be appropriate for family movie night.

#5: Blackhat – 2015

  • Watch if – you’re up for some action and mind games.

Blackhat is an example of how a small group of hackers can threaten large governments. With Chris Hemsworth (Thor) at the help, you can expect some intense moments. The drama comes through in the form of a massive stock market theft and hacking of a Chinese nuclear reactor.

This one isn’t for the kids, so be prepared to wait for the later hours. For something a bit more family-friendly, try our next suggestion.

#6: TRON – 1982

  • Watch if – you want to see one of the best Disney movies ever.

TRON is a bit of a dated concept, but still is an interesting view of the 80s. The story involves an AI drawing a computer hacker into its system. Once the hacker finds himself in the computer, it’s more about surviving in a fantastical computer world with the help of a security program. So the “modern lesson” is to keep your antivirus programs up to date.

Because the concept is fantastical, it’s a bit more family-friendly. It also has a lot of modern versions (TRON Legacy) your kids can get into.

#7: The Matrix – 1999

  • Watch if – you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet.

The Matrix is a legendary movie made by the Wachowskis. It exists in a dark future where machines have taken over while surviving humans wait for their savior. Finding “The One” that saves everything is a popular concept in movies because of The Matrix.

The movie does have hacking as an afterthought. However, you get to see Keanu Reeves bend backward in slow motion, which is a treat. Watch this movie to understand the “no spoon” reference.

#8: Untraceable – 2008

  • Watch if – you want to see a cyber version of “Saw”.

Untraceable is a disturbing horror movie about a hacker who creates a website ( with live murder. It follows attempts from the FBI to catch the killer with few hits. Imagine if Jigsaw decided to become a Twitch live streamer and you’ll get the idea.

If you are looking for a unique hacker movie, Untraceable is that. Just be prepared for some graphic content.

#9: Her – 2013

  • Watch if – it’s a movie night with your significant other.

Her is an unusual take on romance movies where the main character falls in love with an AI. Joaquin Phoenix (best known for The Joker) and Scarlett Johansson pair for an unusual experience. However, there is a certain amount of charm here.

For a night in with your partner, you’ll find something special in Her. Even if the concept is weird, the execution is awesome.

#10: Delete – 2013

  • Watch if – you want to witness some “humans vs machines” stuff.

Delete is a nearly three-hour experience that is great for those who love classics like iRobot. Delete doesn’t do anything new with the medium. It’s just your classic story of a rogue AI trying to bomb the world.

While the whole “us vs them” concept is a bit played out, Delete does it well. For a “new meets old” experience, it’s worth watching once.

Conclusion – What’s the Best Hacker Movie?

The Matrix series has grossed nearly $1.8 billion, making it the most popular if we are talking about sales. However, because the “best” is a general term, your opinion is what matters. We hope this list gives you some ideas on which hackers movie to pick for almost any occasion.