The History of VPN

VPN has emerged as one of the most potent user tools in the last few years. A decade ago, one would have never thought that it would ever be so helpful for the big companies and individuals to get a VPN application as it is now.

Nowadays, users can find VPN a secure platform that helps them to transmit their private data safely. Along with that, the platform allows the user to work efficiently and build a cooperative place for colleagues to share their information.

For individual users, VPN comes with a lot of great use which can be either for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or accessing websites that are crucial for them.

While we have read the uses and advantages of VPN alot, have you ever wondered how the idea of a virtual private network strikes the mind of the people? Well, in today’s article, we will be going to read everything about the history of VPNs. Continue reading the article to find out everything.

The History of VPN: How it Started?

The history of VPNs started way back in 1996. Ever since the term internet came into existence and people began working on it, there was a need for a protocol to keep the privacy and the security of the data.

To make a protocol that could help the user to connect to peer-to-peer, a Microsoft employee developed it. At that time, it was popularly known as the peer-to-peer tunneling protocol or PPTP. PPTP creates a more secure platform where users can connect their computers to the internet.

However, during that time, the number of users was less and that’s why nobody thought to work on it. But as time went by, the internet became a necessity for people. The demand to develop secure protocols for the users also enhances.

People started to work on software that could fulfill the demand of the users and big MNCs. With the technology enhancements starting to take off, the number of VPNs started to show up in the market.

Nowadays, one can see that tons of platforms offer amazing applications to the users of the internet. VPNs can surely take over the world through their eye-catching features. With the growing features of the internet, crimes, and evils are also becoming common. That’s why it became a necessity for people to use this.


Nowadays, Every single person is aware of the term ‘Internet’. The Internet has become a need for people. Whether it is for children to study or for an adult to work, every single thing is now connected to the internet.

People are working, shopping, using it for entertainment, paying bills, booking tickets, ordering food, or whatnot. Think of anything and it would be connected to the internet.

Because of this, it became a need for the users to work efficiently and not fall into the trap of evil. VPNs are the best application for the user to provide a safe environment where they can work efficiently on the internet without any hassle.