7 Tips To Increase Your Internet Speed


Nobody likes slow internet, and it's even more frustrating when their video keeps buffering during streaming. So how can you speed up your internet?

We examined everything, including your router, device, browser, and internet service provider. The easiest way is to get the fastest speed VPN for a smooth internet experience.


Image of showing lightening fast speed.

A VPN will not only increase your online security but also deliver fast-speed connections.

They hide your online activity from your ISPs by encrypting your Internet traffic and you know – there is a Surfshark VPN with 7 days trial and 30 days refund policy with unlimited data and no logs.


We have also identified other ways and are here to help you with tips so you can enjoy smooth internet speed.

So, let's get going.

Check your Data Limit

One of the main causes of sluggish internet speed today is data limitations. For obvious reasons, ISPs don't disclose their bandwidth limitations, although they can drastically damage your connection.

There is a monthly limit on the quantity of data you can use, ranging from a few hundred MBs to hundreds of GBs. So your ISP will significantly slow down your internet if you go over your data cap.

Sometimes ISPs occasionally throttle or artificially slow down certain types of traffic. For instance, several large ISPs have throttled Netflix and other streaming entertainment providers.

By using a VPN, you could avoid an ISP's restriction of Internet speeds with a particular service if the VPN's encryption prevents the ISP from knowing which services the user is interacting with.

Try Using Ethernet

Ethernet connections are speedier than Wi-Fi since they are hardwired to the internet. This minimizes communication delays and increases your speed.

Although wireless connections are advanced and practical, they are not necessarily swift.

Other key benefits of using an Ethernet cable are that you can connect your main devices to the internet and secure all of them by installing a VPN.

The devices you can link up with your ethernet are as follows:

  • SmartTVs (Apple TV, Android TV, etc.)
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
  • Desktops & Laptops.

Cable connections are ideal, particularly if you frequently consume media that requires a lot of bandwidth, like streaming videos on your TV.

Get Rid of Unwanted Ads

Nearly all content providers show adverts. You can find unending advertisements, images, GIFs, and automatically playing videos wherever you go online.

Your internet connection becomes slower due to ad media. Your internet connection speed matters, even if you don't mind watching or seeing ads.

Therefore, there is a simple way to block them. Install ad-blocking software or a VPN like to get rid of those data-intensive auto-play videos.

Use Efficient Browsers

If you have a habit of opening many tabs while working, chances are you might experience a slow internet connection or lag while streaming.

Since so many active tabs can slow down your internet connection, we advised keeping a standby browser like Opera fast browsing.

Opera smoothly organizes all the information on web pages for you. Although we wouldn't advise using Opera every day, you can switch to it without affecting your tab habitat if you truly need to search something up and experience a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Reset your Router

Resetting your router can occasionally make your internet faster, despite how simple it sounds. Just like restarting your computer and mobile can solve previously unknown mobile and computer problems, restarting your wireless router can solve internet connection issues and increase your speeds.

Reset your modem if it's separate from your router. Turning the modem on and off again resets the device, which improves your connection to your ISP.

Note that rebooting your modem and router won't make your connection speed up instantly. However, it will help a bit.

Install malware and Anti-virus Software

Installing anti-virus software on your computer is essential because a virus on the internet can significantly slow down your connection speed.

Once you've installed some reliable software, enable it to automatically run regular malware and virus scans. If the software finds any malware or viruses that are already there, have it uninstalled by a computer professional.

Upgrade your Internet Package

Paying more each month is not enjoyable if you are not getting a smooth and fast connection.

If you're unhappy with your internet speed, ask your provider about alternate options or look online to see what other customers are getting for similar packages.

Get a better download & upload speed package. If there is not any, you can change your ISP provider.

Changing your internet service provider should only be done as a last option if all other measures have failed to improve your speed.

Keep surfing at a rapid pace.

We are aware that bad internet speeds can be very annoying, particularly if you regularly deal with a slow connection.

Don't worry. If you use these 7 ways to speed up your internet connection, you can enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows in no time.