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“The Following” is an American drama television show which is created by  Kevin Williamson and produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

This is a story of an FBI Agent named Ryan Hardy. He always wants to recapture the slaughterer who killed Joe Caroll. The story has a number of unexpected twists that will stick you with the screens.


The show broadcast for the first time on January 21, 2013, for the Fox Network. After a few months, later creators renews the show On March 4, 2013. The second season delivered on January 19, 2014, and just a couple of weeks later the show renews for the third and final bit which aired on May 18, 2015.

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The Plotline of The Following Season 3-


Aforementioned the show's central character is Ryan Hardy who is assigned to find out the name of the killer of Joe Carroll. Hardy finds out that Caroll always surrounds himself with a number of killers whom he meets during classes. The story continues when the son of Carol is carry-off by his daddy's followers. All the FBI agents are assigned to work on this project and find out his kidnapped son.

The second season starts with a new fad. Lily Gray and her twins seem as the major highlight of the show. We see they are making assumptions o Carroll that he is hiding whereas everybody believed that he is dead. Now agents get back to their work to find out “what is going out?”

However, they find out that Caroll is alive, the third story starts from where the second bit ends… We see Hardy's life after the arrest of Carrol. Hardy is seen in a better place. Hardy seems to be more closer to her girlfriend and niece. Now he is living his life to the fullest.

In the end, we see Carool is on a death warrant. He is the supreme role in the seasons after that a new slayer entered the game who manifest that he is more threatening and despatched than Joe Caroll.

The Following Season 3- Star Cast

In the third installment, we see Kevin Bacon as a chief FBI agent (Ryan Hardy) with a new agent named Mike Weston played by Shawn Ashmore.

They both are in the central role of the story despite Bacon and Ashmore, we see Jessica Stroup as Max Hardy, Sam Underwood as Mark Gray, Zuleikha Robinson as Gwen, Gregg Henry as Dr. Arthur Straus with Michael Ealy as Theo Noble, and James Purefoy as Joe Carroll.

Some guest stars are also there in the Following Season 3 that we have listed below-

  • Felix Solis as Agent Clarke
  • Michael Irby as Andrew
  • Glenn Fleshler as Neil
  • Robin Weigert as Judge Wallace
  • Tim Guinee as Duncan Banks
  • Allison Mack as Hilary
  • David Pittu

the following season 3

How Many Episodes The Following Season 3 Have?

The Following Season 3 comes with fifteen episodes that continue the story of the former season. Each episode is directed and written by individual persons. The first one is directed by Marcos Siega and written by Alexi Hawley & Brett Mahoney whereas the second one is by Rob Seidenglanz and Barry O'Brien and so on.

Counting up the episodes of the third season now the show has a total of forty-five episodes.

Episode List of The Following Season 3-

  1. “New Blood”
  2. “Boxed In”
  3. “Exposed”
  4. “Home”
  5. “A Hostile Witness”
  6. “Reunion”
  7. “The Hunt”
  8. “Flesh & Blood”
  9. “Kill the Messenger”
  10. “Evermore”
  11. “Demons”
  12. “The Edge”
  13. “A Simple Trade”
  14. “Dead Or Alive”
  15. “The Reckoning”

The Following Season 3 – Ratings!

The Tomatometer has given this an average rank of 63% whereas the audience score is not calculated at this point because of fewer reviews according to the census.

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Final Lines

The viewership of the show is not constant! It seems in a declining ratio from the first episode to the last one. The first one got 7.94 million views whereas it goes on decreasing and went to 5.10. This is the major reason to worry! because falling in the audience leads to canceling further season! Let's see and wait for more future updates…

Have you seen the show? How is it? On a scale of 1 to 10 how much you will give to “The Following Season 3?” Share your responses with us in our comment section!

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