New Pokemon Snap Everything You Want to Know About This Game!

If you love to take pictures and also love to play games in which you can do research and take photos of Pokemons, then New Pokemon Snap is the best game to play for you, Isn’t it?

Bandai Manco Studios developed New Pokemon Snap in 2021 and it is a shooter photography game. It is a sequel to the Nintendo 64 game Pokemon Snap which was released in 1999.

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New Pokemon Snap game was already released in 2021, which was announced in the previous year in June 2020.

Published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company for Nintendo Switch it is on rails photography game in which player have to travel in Lental region in high speed train with Research Pokemon by Photographing them.

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Pokemon Snap is a Single Player game in which Nu Library Engine is used and played by you on Nintendo Switch.

Release Date of New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap

The New Pokemon Snap was already released on 30 April, 2021. The price of the New Pokemon Snap is USD $ 59.99. It is available on different online stores and you can purchase it from any store and if you think you can take a free trial then its free trial is not available to you.


In this Pokemon Snap Video Game, there was a research center where Professor Mirror does research with his Assistants Rita and Phil and the player travels to different islands in the Lental Region to take Pokemon Photos and show it to Professor Mirror who gives ratings to these photographs of Pokemon to you. Each photo is given a rating between one to four stars.

New Pokemon Snap

There are over 200 different pokemons in the Lental Region for players to take their Photos and also Todd makes an appearance in this series of Pokemon Snap.

When the player has a collection of photos, you can also help investigate the lllumina phenomenon for the appearance of Pokemon to glow.

For traveling from one island to another you have to take a high speed train, the NEO- ONE.

You can visit to find Pokemons in Jungles, deserts and Beaches during day or night to take photographs of them.

Scores on photos are given on the basis how close you have taken the Pokemon photo, if the pic is of high quality, or whether pokemon is facing your camera or not.

You can also save those photos to your collection but you can save upto 4 pics of one pokemon to your Photodex ( collection).

If your pic is of high quality then you will get points that improve your research in each area and will open up more levels to you in that area.

New Pokemon Snap

You can also lure pokemon and take them out by various tools and capture their reactions and behaviours on your camera. You can use a fruit or play a melody so that pokemon can be in a good mood and dance and you can easily take their photos.

You can also retouch Pokemon’s photos and save to your album and share online with other players and get their likes on your favourite Pokemon Photos.

 Watch New Pokemon Snap- First Area Gameplay

People also asked questions

How much will a new Pokemon Snap cost?

It will Cost you $59.99 USD and it is not free to play. You have to purchase it from different online stores.

What is the point of Pokemon Snap?

In this you or the player has to take pictures of pokemon with your camera with the help of various tools and scores are given to you on the bases of how the picture is.

New Pokemon Snap

How many areas are in the new Pokemon Snap?

There are 11 stages and these areas are available on day or night to take Pokemon photos.

Is there a free demo for Pokemon Snap?

No, Free Demo is not available now.

Is Pokemon Snap on Switch Lite?

Yes, buy it New Pokemon Snap Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Can you catch Pokemon in Snap?

You can capture the photographs of Pokemon in this New Pokemon Snap game and it allows you to do research on different Pokemons.

How many Pokemons are there in the New Pokemon Snap?

There are over 200 different Pokemons available in this Game.

How long did it take you to beat Pokemon Snap?

It took around 10 hours to complete and beat the Pokemon snap and also it depends upon your playstyle how much time you take to beat it.

Is New Pokemon Snap a Remake?

No, it is not a remake. It is a sequel and it has all new story and regions for you to play.

Can you play Pokemon Snap on PC?

Yes, with the help of Pokemon Snap Emulation for PC you can play it on PC. It is illegal to do so without the permission of the creators but some players play it.

Reviews of Pokemon Snap Game

You can check here what users say about this game.


It is an interesting Game to play in which you have to travel to different islands by high speed train and capture pictures of Pokemons to get a grade from a Research Professor.