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Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans: Differences and Similaritis!

Pinto BeansVs Black Beans- They both come from the family of legumes and are both nutritious. Although we need to understand the specific nutrients and their count in order to have a differentiation which is not just based on their appearance. You can differentiate on the basis of appearance but one has to do a detailed study in order to study the components.

There are certain questions we need to answer. Are both of them good in taste and understand their importance along with studying some recipes they can be used in. The one common thing they have is that they both need to be boiled when dry and if they are canned, they only require some heat in order to become edible.

This is how they are usually prepared but in order to make a proper dish, they are often used in Mexican cuisines and that’s how they are consumed in the US. They are wrapped in burritos while in the asian region, they are developed into a curry and served with bread or rice. 

This explains the various ways in which the beans can be cooked and eaten and it is important to cook them in a way that brings out their most important nutritional values. If you do not follow the proper cooking pattern then they can also become unhealthy. It is the same with any other healthy food. One needs to be careful with their cooking and spices.

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans: How Do They Look?

Pinto Beans are brownish caramel in color and have brown freckles. Although these freckles tend to lighten when the beans are being cooked or boiled. This is specific to these beans.

However, Black Beans have a consistent black solid color without any deviation or mixing of any other color. They also remain the same after they get cooked. Although they have a creamy white center.

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans

This is a defying difference between the two beans and a very basic one that doesn’t really talk about their nutritional value and also doesn’t imply something. It is just a visual description.

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans: Which Is More Nutritional?

Although both have almost equal amounts of calories, Pinto beans do have more calories. They also have a higher fat and carbohydrate content but it isn’t a huge difference but if a person is very particular and conscious about fat consumption, it is a useful piece of information. 

Pinto Beans Black Beans
Color Brown With spots Black
Calorie 245 227
Cuisine Northern Mexican and American continental, Brazil Caribbean, Latin American
Fiber 15.3 grams 15 grams
Fat 1.11 grams 0.9 grams

This characteristic also makes Pinto Beans more of a tender bean. They mix well with flavors they are being cooked in and have a creamy tone to their taste. Black beans are more dense and tend to retain their own flavor judiciously and have a strong grip over its taste. It is used in making dips and soups because of its strong nature.

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans: What Was Their Origin?

Both of these beans have their origin in South America but were discovered during entirely different eras. This is also something which can be used to signify some sort of superiority but it majorly depends on perspective.

Pinto Beans were found in Peru and it is said that they have been in use since 3000 BC. This is astonishing and also a credibility test for these beans as they have been proving themselves healthy for a long time. They were able to enter the commercial North American market because of the various tribal people who decided to migrate and come to North America.

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans

While Pinto Beans have a richer history, Black Beans were brought to Europe in the 15th century by some Spanish Explorers who managed to make contact with the tribal people and since it was the age of exploration, people were trying to find new things. Various species of animals and plants were being discovered. These explorers were given incentives in order for them to find these unique new things.

How Can These Beans Be Harmful?

These beans tend to have purines in them which is a naturally occurring chemical and is not something that is injected. A lot of research has been done on this as it is important to know the ill effects of the food we are consuming. 

Pinto Beans Vs Black Beans

It was found that these purines increase the uric acid formation which can further lead to kidney stones. Kidney Stones are considered to be a very painful disorder that can also be caused by eating chalk or other substances like sand or mud.

Hence, one must have these beans in a healthy amount and not exceed the consumption because of the severe ill effects.

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