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Umami Sauce: Flavor, Taste and Health Benifits!

Umami Sauce is basically derived from the fifth taste which was researched in Japan and discovered to exist. There are four basic tastes known to men. The are:

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Bitter
  • Saulty

Umami Sauce is a type of sauce that is made by mixing naturally aged black garlic with the basic sauce and has been a major market in Japan. Like most sauces, it helps in making the food more delicious and people add it to their salad dressings or barbeque and it has a great taste that has been coined as a new taste itself.

Umami Sauce

According to Master Class, in 1908, a new taste was discovered by a Japanese Chemist which was named Umami. Although it took some time to get accustomed to its existence, people eventually warmed up to the taste and started considering it a part of their tasting experience.

Later on, it developed into becoming a sauce and has had a big selling point because of its unique ingredients.

What Ingredients Are Used to Make Umami Sauce?

  • Tamari Soy Sauce which has water, soybean, sea salt and alcohol in it. 
  • Mirin- This consists of water, rice and alcohol
  • Sake – Water and rice
  • Brown Sugar
  • Black Garlic
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Kombu 

Some of these ingredients are majorly available in Japan. Hence, making this product a Japanese sauce. The sauce has become really popular and is preferred to be an additive in most Japanese cuisines. Although it has a distinctive taste which is very different from our regular defined tastes.

What Does Umami Sauce Taste Like?

One needs to be familiar with the taste of mushrooms, seaweed and salmon in order to understand the flavor of umami. It is a very savory taste and has a prominent place in major cuisines of the world. Scientifically speaking, amino acid glutamate is the main ingredient of the umami sauce. 

Umami Fifth Taste
Discovered in Japan
Year 1908
Found in Soy, seaweeds and meat
Common flavor Meaty Flavor

Scientists have also tried to study why humans love the umami sauce or also commonly known as soy sauce and found out that it has to do with our history and humans have been consuming it even before it was discovered. This has created a generational likeability towards the flavor of this sauce.

What Are the Health Benefits of Umami-rich Foods?

The presence of umami components has been seen in foods that have a high protein content and that is why a lot of people refer to this flavor as meaty. It basically leads to a better digestive tract and improves metabolism because of it’s high protein content.

Umami is like an indicator to your body. It sends the message that the food has protein. Anything that tastes like umami is definitely rich in protein. This fact has been dutifully established.

Umami Sauce

It is also found that umami rich food is more filling which further helps in consuming less food and eventually leading to weight loss. This is again a desirable quality and is preferred by most people, especially the people in the United States who are facing the obesity problem because of the immense intake of processed food in the form of burgers and fries.

But just because umami rich food is healthy, doesn’t mean that it can be consumed thoughtlessly. There is a famous saying that excess of anything is bad. The same applies to umami. When consumed in higher amounts, umami rich food can also lead to health issues instead of solving them.

Which Umami Rich Foods Are Healthy?

  • Seaweeds are considered to be really healthy and have a high glutamate content which is a signifier of umami flavor.
  • Green Tea has already been considered a healthy alternative to normal tea and all the people who wanna get rid of their tea addiction can switch to this as it is majorly a very healthy alternative and is also good for digestion and weight loss.

Umami Sauce

  • Soy-based foods are considered to be found in most asian cuisines and they are originated from a legume which just automatically increases their credibility and makes them a good vegan option especially for those who don’t eat meat.

The bottom line is that Umami Rich food is not only good for health but also is considered to be good in taste by most people as the sauce made is used in a lot of food items and is considered to be an essential ingredient, especially for Asian Cuisines.

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