Who is Devrim Lingnau? Know Everything About Elisabeth Von Wittelsbach From ‘the Empress’


Following the debut of the new historical drama series “The Empress” on Netflix, the name Devrim Lingnau gained immediate notoriety. The world was curious to learn more about the stunning young actress who played Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Cameras and the spotlight are nothing new to Devrim Lingnau. Before obtaining her breakout role as Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, she had worked on both little and significant films as a part of her acting career.


Devrim Lingnau is actually from Germany, despite the fact that she portrays an Austrian Empress on TV. This article will cover a variety of topics, including Devrim Lingnau's family, personal life, career, and more. Continue reading to learn more about the actress.

Quick Facts Devrim Lingnau

Name Devrim Lingnau
Height 5′ 6″
Weight 116 lbs
Nationality German
Gender Female
Profession Movie Actress


Early Years of Devrim Lingnau

We don't know her precise birth date because some information about her is still private. Devrim Lingnau has Turkish ancestry, as suggested by her name. Dervim Lingnau‘s father is from Turkey, despite the fact that she was born in Mannheim, Germany.

Her link to Germany is explained by the fact that her mother is German. The actress's name itself combines the two ancestries she got from her parents.

Devrim Lingnau was born and raised in Germany, where she spent her formative years. Devrim Lingnau used to go to the Academy of Dance at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Mannheim to study more about the ballet because he was interested in it.

Later, she began taking classes with German artist Ulla von Brandenburg at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe. Devrim Lingnau graduated from Mannheim's Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Gymnasium in 2017 after completing her high school studies there. Dervim Lingnau had worked on a number of TV episodes and movies before to being cast in “The Empress.”

Devrim Lingnau's Growing Career

Devrim Lingnau became famous from the Netflix miniseries ‘The Empress' Devrim Lingnau plays the Empress of Austria in this historical drama.

Netflix premiered the series on September 29, 2022. Netflix announced it in 2020. Devrim Lingnau played the Empress, and Philip Froissant played Franz Joseph I of Austria. The story follows Empress Sisi von Wittelsbach as she falls in love with her sister's betrothed and marries him.

The first season of the popular series has ended, but there has been no official word about a second. Fans are eagerly awaiting the news. Devrim Lingnau became famous from the Netflix miniseries ‘The Empress' Devrim Lingnau plays the Empress of Austria in this historical drama.

Who is Devrim Lingnau?

In 2014, she appeared in a feature film based on the ZDF series Aktenzeichen XY… ungelöst. Devrim Lingnau plays Yasemin in the young adult mystery series Fluch des Falken. Devrim Lingnau's acting career has been stable since 2017, with several notable projects.

Devrim Lingnau appeared in a 2017 German miniseries. Under Suspicion. In the series, she plays Aleyna Kara, a Turkish-German girl identical to herself. She was wonderful because she's Turkish-German. Devrim Lingnau played Tonja in ARD's ‘Die Kanzlei' in 2018.

Devrim Lingnau‘s 2019 performance earned her international notice. She appeared in ‘Carmilla' that year. It made Devrim Lingnau famous outside Germany. Emily Harris directed the British horror romance.

Devrim Lingnau played Carmilla in the Sheridan Le Fanu-inspired film. The film premiered at Edinburgh in June 2019.

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Her Personal Life

After looking at her social media pages, we were able to determine that Devrim is a lady who has an open mind and enjoys spending time with her friends. On her several Instagram sites, she also posted a number of photos in which she was joined by her friends and fellow actors.


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Her devoted followers are eager to learn more about her private life, particularly her romantic relationships. We did a lot of investigation, and it led us to discover that Lingnau is not currently in a relationship (as of September 2022).

If we obtain any new information regarding her romantic relationships, we will promptly update this section. In addition to this, Devrim is a close friend of Philip Froissant, who also stars in The Empress.

Devrim Lingnau's Net Worth

Devrim Lingnau‘s net worth in 2022 is estimated by a number of magazine blogs and social media sites to be between $1 and $1.5 million USD. Her entire net worth will surpass $2 million [approximately] in 2023.

Final Words

Devrim is an actress with talent. She participated in numerous films and television programmes. After being cast as Elisabeth von Wittelsbach in Florian Cossen and Katrin Gebbe's romance drama “The Empress,” which premiered on September 29 on Netflix, this attractive artist's fame grew.