Who is Tracy Edwards? The Jeffrey Dahmer Surviving Victim

Since the limited drama’s release, Ryan Murphy’s “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has dominated the online streaming behemoth Netflix. 32-year-old Tracy Edwards, like Jeffrey Dahmer’s other 17 victims, was murdered by the infamous and vicious serial killer.

The series fictionalizes one of the most terrifying incidents ever witnessed in America, which is frequently referred to be the police’s greatest setback, as they were unable to apprehend the Milwaukee Monster before he killed 17 people over 13 years.

Who is Tracy Edwards?

32-year-old Tracy Edwards, like Jeffrey Dahmer’s other 17 victims, was murdered by the infamous and vicious serial killer. According to the Biography, Edward escaped from Dahmer’s dingy flat on July 22, 1991. On the specified date, cops discovered him wandering the streets while handcuffed.

Without hesitation, Jeffrey Edwards led the police to Dahmer’s residence, where he handed the officers the key to unlocking the handcuffs that were attached to his wrist. After releasing the man, Dahmer was questioned about the knife he used to intimidate Edwards. They eventually discovered the polaroids of several other victims of Dahmer.

Who is Tracy Edwards? The Jeffrey Dahmer Surviving Victim

The investigation revealed that Dahmer kept a skull and genitalia in his refrigerator as souvenirs. Initially, Dahmer was insistent about surrendering to the police when he began to struggle, prompting one officer to request assistance. Finally, when America’s most dangerous criminal, Jeffrey Dahmer, was apprehended, he began to chant that he deserved to die for his actions.

Officials uncovered a bag containing human organs, bones, bleached skulls, human hearts, multiple parts of arm muscles, the freshly severed head of a Blackman, the penises of both young boys and men, and a torso via additional inquiry.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer and Tracy Edwards Meet?

Nothing out of the ordinary, as Dahmer followed his regular method of luring his target from the bar by sketching, plotting, and executing it as planned, until one day when he applied it to Tracy Edwards. Then, he offered Edwards and two other men $100 to accompany him to the flat. Edwards consented to join Dahmer, oblivious of what he had in store, upon hearing his pitch.

Edwards immediately questioned Dahmer upon entering the flat because he detected a foul odor and spotted vials of hyaluronic acid on the floor. Dahmer ignored the question, claiming that he retained it to clean bricks, which is once more suspicious.

Who is Tracy Edwards? The Jeffrey Dahmer Surviving Victim

In the subsequent minutes, Edwards was alerted to impending danger by a series of events. Dahmer placed the man in handcuffs and requested him to join him in his bedroom. Edward discovered naked photographs of numerous men when they were traveling. Edwards sensed impending problems and escaped the flat when the vile Dahmer declared a desire to eat Edwards’ heart.

As soon as officers Rolf Mueller and Robert Rauth understood the truth, they arrested Dahmer, and in 1992, Dahmer was found guilty of his crimes. In addition to Jeffrey being sentenced to life in prison, Edwards was also convicted for the specific offenses he committed.

Tracy Edwards Discusses Jeffrey Dahmer

During his evidence, Edwards claimed that Dahmer was a very different person from the one he encountered in the bar and that Dahmer’s face appeared to change when he expressed his desire to devour Edwards’ heart.

Where Is Tracy Edwards Now?

Tracy Edwards was arrested and convicted by the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in 2016 for playing a major role in the throwing of a man off a bridge. Even though Tracy Edwards’ current details are unknown, we can place his existence until 2016 based on the fact that he was arrested and convicted in 2014 for his role in the incident. Edwards was sentenced to 1.5 years of incarceration with 2 years of extended supervision.