Top Unmissable TV Shows of the Year

2020 has indeed been the year of global crisis with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic that involved fear, chaos, anxiety, and depression, to say the least. Something that helped us keep going and get out of the blues was indeed the internet and TV-based entertainment. The quarantining period got us watching more TV than ever and with a cable TV plan like Cox cable, we sure had a good time exploring the extensive channel list and looking for content to suit our moods.

No doubt, last year we got to watch many amazing TV shows that gave just the right punch of entertainment to keep us distracted from the pandemic crisis. These TV shows have been a great source of mental ease. Most of us have had a great time binge-watching some of the finest freshly-brewed TV shows while also enjoying all-time classics that are close to our hearts. As the year 2021 kicks in, we have plenty of new shows to look forward to, that will allow us to escape from the reality into a different world of our choice and as per our moods. 2021 is indeed going to be an amazing year for TV! So, here we have gathered the best TV shows that need to be on your watch-list, for sure.

Dickinson Season 2


If you are looking for something saucy with nice twists, then Dickinson is just the show that will work for you. With its first season that was premiered in 2019, this American comedy is going to give you major twists and turns, revolving around Emily Dickinson’s fame. It is going to be more dramatic and you will also get to see more faces.

Inventing Anna


Season one of this show is rumored to be released in 2021 and is surely something worth the wait. The premise is based on a New York magazine story with a fascinating tale of a socialite who makes it to the most elite social circles of New York and her amazing journey full of exciting events.

The Serpent


Starring Tahar Rahim, The Serpent is a true tale of Charles Sobhraj being arrested and brought to court. Released on 1 January on BBC One, you can watch this show on Sundays at 9 pm.

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Riverdale Season 5


We love Riverdale for all the right reasons, be it the dramatic scenes or mystery-packed story sequence. The good news is that Riverdale season 5 is expected to release in 2021, so we can all gear up for the super emotional scenes and melodrama of the gang in search of the person responsible for the videotapes.

Stranger Things Season 4

Yes, you heard it right! One of the biggest sensations of Netflix is expected to make a comeback by late 2021. I guess we will have to wait a bit more to find out whether Chief Hopper survived or not.

Cobra Kai


Well, one thing we witnessed last year was that even if the world seems to be ending, Netflix would pop up with a new breathtaking series to leave us in awe and make us forget about the reality that surrounds us. Cobra Kai is one such TV series to blow your mind away and is indeed much anticipated by all.

You Season 3


You is a blend of many things – it has thrill, darkness, and romance. Season 3 will be about Joe beginning a new life with Love somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and let’s hope they live happily without any toxicity or conflicts.

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The Irregulars


Are you a diehard fan of Sherlock Holmes? Well, if yes then The Irregulars is just what you should be watching in 2021. Based on the story of street kids who help Holmes and Watson in unraveling the crimes and fighting against supernatural powers, the show is expected to stream on Netflix in 2021.

Conversations with Friends


Following the footsteps of the ever-popular Normal People, we will be seeing Conversation with Friends hitting BBC in 2021 with the most mesmerizing and entangled story involving friends, foes, ex-lovers, and an old couple.

Fate: The Winx Club Saga


Streaming on Netflix, Fate is a fascinating story about five fairies who are attending a magical boarding school to explore their powers and learn how to control them. Experiencing strong emotions of love, friendships, rivalries, and combating beasts that are out there hunting for them, this show has all the fairy magic and excitement in store for you.

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Wrapping up

The aforementioned shows are surely not to be missed this year for all the right reasons. Pick the ones that fit your taste of entertainment. Happy watching!