Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!

Fans are making sure that their favorite anime gets another season.


The feeling of watching your favorite show and seeing the final makes it quite hard. Well, the fans of Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica felt the same thing after the first season brutally ended. After the end of first season, Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2 is the most awaited anime of 2021. Fans want the second season of this Manga Adaptation, so badly.

Movie/Series Name Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2
Movie Genre Anime
Release Date Not Announced


With the growing social media, there comes numerous news, which makes the audience difficult to believe on one. The fans have already waited a long for the release of the anime, but since it has been such a long time, it is assumed that the show is canceled for its second installment but is it true?

If you are wondering about the series and wanting the know everything regrading the show then this article will help you. Continue reading to know the exact details.

Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2


Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica is also known as the “Aesthetica of The Rogue Hero”. The anime is not the original content of the Tetsuto Uesu in fact, it is adapted from the Light Novel series.

Hagure Yuusha No Aesthetica has a total of twelve+seven episodes which airs from  July and September 2012.

The first season holds a good rating of 7.2 out of 10. Fans are in love with the series and look what they are saying on this Hero's Drama.

I wish a complete story cuz its good one… . . . . . .

“Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero” is indeed a hero's story. The hero, Akatsuki, is a strong, handsome, cocky warrior who becomes much admired.”

The last episode was air in 2012 which determines it's been more than eight years waiting for the anime. The one thing which is heaving the mind of every Akatuski lover is when we get the anime?

Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2

Release Date of Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2

Aesthetica of the Rogue or Hagure series is not confirmed by the creators just like the other anime Citrus Anime Season 2, Kuromukuro Season 3 but it is assumed that we will get the series, Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2 soon in 2021(end) or 2022( start).

Fans are waiting for the show from 2012 but creators are lip-locked on the renewal of the series again.

Drama Name Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica
Category Fantasy, Harem and Action
Release Date Not yet announced
Creator Rion Kujō
No. of Seasons 1


Expected Plotline For Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica

This is a story that spins around people who have to suffer from the body syndrome name Sasman Syndrome.

Syndrome: A group or a specific gene that causes abnormality or some kind of dysfunction in the body.

In the anime, this tragic Samson condition spread in their locality thirty years before. One special character is there in the anime name, “Rogue Hero.” People used to travel in the anime even the Rogue too.

One day the anime Hero decided to come back to their home but here comes the twist in the anime. He returned back with Miu, who is the daughter of the Demon King. Both the girl and boy decided to hide this secret from others in order to save their lives.

Moreover, Rogue decided to hide the identity of Miu by saying that she is his little sister. This is not the end, the story takes a new turn again. Rogue and Miu both decided to get admission to a local school. The school is not like common ones but it teaches the children about magic and special powers.

This is about the first plotline but what about the second season? Well, the plot is not revealed at this time but one thing I can surely predict that the followup would start from the story it ended in the last episode.

What Do We Know About Esthetica Season 2 Official Teaser?

There is no official teaser at this time because the series isn't confirmed. Once the series gets confirms from the side of Tamago no Kimi, then we got to hope for the trailer. Till then enjoy this fan-made video.

When we get an official one, we will update that surely in the same post, so marked us in your bookmarks.

Final Lines

One thing which is good for the fans is that the show is not canceled by the creators. We could hope to get the series in the upcoming years. Stay tuned with us to get the latest details regarding the same.

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More Queries

Where we can watch Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica Season 2?

The previous first season is available to stream online on Netflix but for the second season, you have to wait. Once the series release for the second installment, then it will be available to stream on Netflix.

How many episodes Hagure Yuusha No Esthetica have?

The series airs from July 6, 2012, to September 21, 2012, with a total of 19 episodes. The fans fall in love with the series and expect to see more from the side of creators.

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