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Do you love Anime? Are you sick of watching the same old anime series and wanted to have more of a different kind of series to enlighten your mood? If yes, then we already have a whole bunch of anime series, popular, new to watch. If you always wanted to explore more in anime then you are right because this is something that will forever be the unexplored things for the anime lover. No matter how many anime series you have watched so far, there will always be a whole bunch of different anime series ready for you. One of the series is, Kill la kill. A popular anime series that was released back in 2013. If you are already a fan of this series and wanted to know more about it then stay till the end.

Furthermore, we’ll be discussing the second installment and also its first part in detail. 

kill la kill season 2

What is Kill la Kill?

Kill la kill is an japanese anime series which was first released in 4, October 2013 and the show became an instant hit. This popular series was produced by Trigger. Kill la kill, an action anime is popular for its amazing storyline and if you are into action and suspense anime then you shouldn’t miss it. 

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The writer of this anime is Kazuki Nakashima. The show is directed under the guidance of popular director Hiroyuki. On the day of the release of the first season, a manda series is also launched for the people. Written by the same writer i.e. Kazuki Nakashima and illustrated by Ryō Akizuki. The story follows a young girl who wanted to find the killer of his father’s. While on the journey she got obstacles that turned her into a violent character. 

After the release of the first season and the manga version, there was another video out for Kill La Kill. In 2014, two special videos of kill la kill premiered for the people and since then people are looking for more content of their favorite anime show. There has been a demand for a second season for a long time and people are hoping to see it. Is it really happening? Let’s find out in the next section. 

Is Kill la Kill Coming With Season 2? 

The first season ended on 28 March, 2014.  The first season includes 24 episodes and each of them are interesting to watch. It’s been almost 7 years since we last heard anything about kill la kill but people are there hoping. The fans are looking whether season 2 will ever happen and truly nobody really knows. 

There is no official statement by the official and we don’t know whether kill la kill season 2 will ever happen. Usually if a sequel has to come it can come within 1-2 years but not within that time frame, it can take them a decade or two to launch. Now, we hope that the show admirers can see the show as early as possible. If there will be any official statement from the producers then we’ll update this section for you. 

kill la kill season 2

What Is the Storyline of Kill La Kill?

Introduction to the main character 

The main cast of the story is Ryuuko Matoi who is a high school girl. As the show starts you’ll see Ryuuko’s father being killed by a person who is unknown in the beginning. She later decides to find the killer by any means. There is another important character named Satsuki kiryuuin who goes to the same high school where Ryuuko does. While looking for the killer of her father, Ryuuki came across one thing which can only help her to get him. The thing is nothing but a scissor blade and she decided to keep it in order to find the person. Being a highschool kid, she has to be attentive in the school which leads her to take the scissor blade along in the school. 

The high school which is named as Honnouji Academy is dominated by the dangerous Satsuki Kiryuuin. Honnouji is like every fictional highschool and is enjoyed by the rich students. The elite school gave some of the superhuman powers to their elite students which are led by Satsuki. The super powerful students are like the volunteers of the highschool and that’s why they have different uniforms which are called, “Goku Uniforms”. These uniforms are specially made Life fibres which possess power and whoever wears it becomes immensely powerful. 

Ryuuki And Satsuki

Ryuuki, who always wanted to have a fight with Satsuki, decides to make it happen at any cost. Later, when the tournament happens which is popularly known as Natural election. This battle royals decides who is going to be entitled to the Goku Uniforms. Ryuuki thinks this as a grant opportunity to fight against Satsuki. 

By doing this, she will be able to get to the real murderer of her father. But as soon as Ryuuki gets into the battlefield she gets beaten by the holders of the Goku uniform. She is just a normal girl who owns a scissor blade and doesn’t have any other superpower like the Goku Uniform holder. Thus the defeat of Ryuuki was already decided.

kill la kill season 2

Ruuki finds Senketsu

She was heavily injured because of the fight and then she decided to go home to heal. On the way home, she finds a piece of clothing called, Senketsu. The cloth is entirely made up of life fibres and as Ryuuki doesn’t have life fibres. As she touches the life fibre it gets activated and covers her. Now, Ryuuki is just like the other Goki uniforms holders and she too has enormous powers like the others. 

After getting the life saviour she again decides to go to Honnouji Academy and restart the fight in which she loses badly. While making a comeback in the school, there are several things waiting for her. She already owns a scissor blade and now she owns senketsu, there is a lot of new beginnings which are awaiting her way. If you wanna know about it then go and check it right now. 

What is the Release Date of Kill La Kill?

The anime series kill la kill which is called kiru ra kiru in japan has already released its first episode. If you are one of those fans who are looking for a second season then sadly there is none. The kill la kill series have only one season so far and fans are demanding for season 2 but there is nothing happening. Neither the producers are not looking for a second installment nor is there any release date. So far, we don’t really know whether it is happening or not.

We are looking for more updates from the officials and will update you as soon as anything comes out. 

kill la kill season 2

What are the ratings of this show?

If you are looking for the ratings of this then this section will help you. The Kill La Kill have 7.9/10 IMDb ratings and also the have rated this show 8.1/10. 

Not only this but this show has full rotten tomatoes which means 100%. If you are someone who prefers to watch the anime after seeing their ratings then go for it. 

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Where can I watch this Anime?

If you are interested in watching this anime series then you can watch it on Netflix. Kill la kill is exclusively available on the popular streaming platform i.e. Netflix. This anime is also available on Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll streaming sites.

Moreover, the show offers the english dub. So, if you are actually looking to watch the series in english language then you can easily watch it. Also if you are someone who enjoys the anime in japanese language but you want subtitles in order to understand the show then you can see it there. 

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Final Words

It’s been almost 8 years since we last heard anything about the Kill la kill series. The anime series was popular at the time but as people started watching more drama based anime, kill la kill is not seeing anywhere. Maybe if there is another season only then people will understand about this OP series.The storyline of Kill la kill is amazing and for the people who love Action drama then this is for you. There is no official statement regarding the second installment so far and if there will then we’ll surely be going to update you.

Till then keep checking our website, keeperfacts and find latest updates about different anime, web series and movies.  

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