This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Alabama

Alabama boasts stunning scenery, a rich cultural heritage, and a long history. It also boasts some of the nation’s most reasonably priced areas to live.

Jacksonville is the least costly city in Alabama to live in, according to It has about 11,000 residents and is located in Etowah County.The average cost of a home in Jacksonville is $97,000, which is 18% less than the national average. The city’s cost of living index is 77.9, which enables citizens to have comfortable lives without going over budget.

Why is Jacksonville Such an Affordable City?

There are several reasons why Jacksonville has a low cost of living. First of all, its proximity to Atlanta facilitates easy access to lucrative employment prospects, enjoyable activities, and practical services.

Second, there are many opportunities available in Jacksonville across several areas, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and tourism. It’s also close to some really great natural areas, like Etowah National Forest and Lake Guntersville State Park.

What Advantages Come With Relocating to Jacksonville?

There are several benefits to living in Jacksonville for those looking for a cheap apartment to rent. These are a few of the benefits:

1. Low taxes: Jacksonville does not impose a local sales tax or a state income tax.
2. Minimal crime: Jacksonville boasts one of the lowest rates of both national and Alabaman crime.
3. Excellent quality of life: There are many recreational and cultural options in Jacksonville, along with a warm and inviting community.
4. Good schools: Students of all ages can receive a top-notch education in Jacksonville’s public and private institutions.

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This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Alabama

The Best Way to Relocate to Jacksonville

If you’re considering moving to Jacksonville, you need to find a decent alternative home that fits your needs and budget. Use to find apartments or houses in Jacksonville that are for sale or rent.

Speak with local real estate brokers or property managers for help finding your dream home. Relocating may be exciting and challenging at the same time. Conversely, Jacksonville provides an excellent standard of living that won’t break the bank, so you should think about making it your new home.

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A Few More Reasonably Priced Homes in Alabama

Other Alabama communities with reasonable housing costs include:

Hoover: With around 115,000 residents, Hoover is a town in Jefferson County. Hoover has a $199,900 average home price, which is 19% cheaper than the national average.

Residents may live comfortably without going over budget because to the cheap cost of living, which has an index of 77.8.

Athens: With a population of about 24,000, Athens is a town in Limestone County. About $149,900 is the average cost of a home, 15% less than the national average. With a cost of living index of 76.9, living expenses are reasonable and allow residents to live well without going over budget.

Northport: Northport is a town of about 16,000 residents in Baldwin County. At $179,900, the average home price is 14% less than the national average. With a 77.7 index of living costs, the town is also reasonably priced allowing residents to lead decent lives on a limited income.

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To Conclude

Alabama offers a lot of benefits to anyone looking for a cheap area to live. With a low median property price and a good cost of living index, Jacksonville stands out among its many cities as the most affordable place to live in the state.

Jacksonville is a pleasant city with a varied economy, close proximity to Atlanta, and a friendly community. Jacksonville can be the perfect place for you to go if you’re looking for work, a new place to live, or an interesting experience.