This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Michigan

Are you trying to find a new place to live in Michigan? In that case, you might want to check out Kalamazoo, which according to a recent Kiplinger ranking is the state’s most affordable city.

What qualities make Kalamazoo affordable, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of living there? We explore many aspects of Kalamazoo, including its amenities, crime statistics, and natural and cultural elements, with the goal of helping you decide if it’s the right city for you to call home.

The Cheapest Place in Michigan to Live is Kalamazoo

Located in southwest Michigan, Kalamazoo is roughly halfway between Detroit and Chicago. With a population of about 76,000, the city is home to several colleges and universities, such as Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University.

Kalamazoo, known for its vibrant and varied society, has a long history of creativity in music, art, and other fields. The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo Valley Museum, Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum, and Kalamazoo State Theatre are a few of the area’s well-known attractions.

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Michigan

With its many parks, trails, rivers, lakes, and outdoor spaces, the city offers a wealth of outdoor recreation choices as well. Activities available to both locals and tourists in and near Kalamazoo include hiking, bicycling, kayaking, fishing, golfing, and skiing.

Kalamazoo, which is on the Beer City USA path, has more than a dozen craft breweries and pubs to explore.

Kalamazoo might be the best option for someone looking for an inexpensive, naturally connected community that is also culturally diverse. The city welcomes immigrants with open arms and takes pride in its diversity, inventiveness, and feeling of community.

What is the Difference Between Kalamazoo and Other Michigan Cities?

In southwestern Michigan, the city of Kalamazoo is home to about 72,000 inhabitants. Known for its artistic and varied population, educational facilities, and scenic surroundings, Kalamazoo has benefits over other Michigan communities as well as disadvantages. This is a synopsis:


1. Cost of Living: Living expenses in Kalamazoo are more reasonable, especially when it comes to housing and transportation. With a $1,000 median rent, the median home value is $193,100.

2. Cultural Riches: The city’s thriving cultural scene includes establishments such as the Kalamazoo State Theatre, the Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Museum, the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, and the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Michigan

Its vibrant environment is enhanced by a number of festivals, including the Kalamazoo Blues Festival and the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International.

3. Outdoor Recreation: Hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, golfing, and skiing are just a few of the many outdoor recreation options Kalamazoo offers, as it is surrounded by lakes, rivers, parks, and trails. It has a ton of craft breweries and pubs and is also a part of the Beer City USA trail.


1. Limited Diversity: Although Kalamazoo has a laid-back vibe, some other Michigan communities may have more diversity and a more sophisticated vibe. There might be fewer options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

2. Higher Crime Rates: Compared to state and national norms, Kalamazoo has a higher crime rate, especially in violent crimes. Its crime rate of 40.8 per 1,000 residents is higher than both the state’s 20.6 and the federal 22.0 rates. At 7.5 per 1,000 persons, the violent crime rate is noticeably higher than both the state’s 4.4 and the federal figure of 3.7.

Final Words

Kalamazoo offers an alluring blend of an affordable way of life, a vibrant cultural environment, and stunning natural landscapes. However, compared to some other Michigan communities, it does have certain drawbacks, like a greater crime rate, a smaller town feel, and fewer amenities.

Whether or not you decide to live in Kalamazoo depends on your personal needs, goals, and interests. Kalamazoo can be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a creative, reasonably priced, and outdoorsy city.

However, you may want to look at other options if diversity, cosmopolitanism, and safety are your top priorities. You have the last say on the matter, and we hope this post has given you some insightful information about what Kalamazoo has to offer.