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The Witcher Season 4: Henry Cavill Emotional Message to Fans, Netflix New Updates

Will there be Witcher Season 4? Fans of the popular drama series have remained enthusiastic to learn about the future of the show. There is no wonder that fans are wondering about the future of the show and wanting to know. The Witcher Season 3 was recently concluded and with that, the people are highly compelled to watch the upcoming events.

The demand for the fourth season increased sharply when people watched the finale episodes of the last season. But the news of Henry Cavil, our main lead, leaving the series left people surprised. His fans have admired his work on the show and believe that he must take some rest because of his health condition. With Henry Cavill leaving the place, who will be getting in the role.

Moreover, what will happen to the future of the show? Will there be another season for the future to look for? Or will the series end after the third one? Well, we are aware of your questions and that’s why we are here! Continue reading the article so that you can get all the information regarding the future of the show.


Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
Based on The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski
Composers Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli, Joseph Trapanese
Country of origin
  • United States
  • Poland
Original language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 24
Producer Beau DeMayo
Production locations Hungary (season 1), United Kingdom (seasons 2–3)
  • Jean-Philippe Gossart
  • Gavin Struthers
  • Liana Del Giudice
  • Nick Arthurs
  • Jean-Daniel Fernandez-Qundez
  • Xavier Russell
Renewal Status Confirmed
Running time 47–67 minutes
Production companies Little Schmidt Productions, Hivemind, Platige Image
Original network Netflix
Original release December 20, 2019 – present

The Witcher Season 4 Release Date: What is the Potential Release Date?

While series like Peaky Blinders, and Lucifer are already popular hits, the Witcher’s incredible story attracts the attention of the people. We are coming to the central question which is regarding the upcoming season of the show. As we have seen, the Witcher season three ended on a major cliffhanger which allows the audience to speculate the possibility of a fourth one.

However, recently we have heard the news regarding our main lead getting out of the show and this creates huge speculation about the possibility of another chapter. However, fans don’t need to worry since Netflix has confirmed that there will be another chapter for the show. 

There has been use regarding the series to be filmed during May 2023. Along with that the director of the show recently said “We’re just about to start filming on season four with Liam Hemsworth. There will be a short gap then we go straight into season five.”

The Witcher Season 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

In this section, we will be going to learn about the cast of the show. Here is the original cast of the series.

Cast Character
Henry Cavill Geralt of Rivia
Freya Allan Ciri
Anya Chalotra Yennefer
Eamon Farren Cahir
Mimi Ndiweni Fringilla
MyAnna Buring Tissaia
Wilson Mbomio Dara
Joey Batey Jaskier
Anna Shaffer Triss
Royce Pierreson Istredd
Lars Mikkelsen Stregobor
Tom Canton Filavandrel
Mecia Simson Francesca
Mahesh Jadu Vilgefortz

However, we know that Henry Cavill has stepped down from the main lead role. The actor is known for his role in Batman and The Tudors. Fans are disheartened to learn of the actor leaving the series but need to accept that it is because of his health condition.

Who will be taking over from Henry Cavill?

One of the most obvious questions fans have is about the main lead. It has been announced that Liam Hemsworth will be taking over the role. Liam, who is known for his work in Most Dangerous Game.

He shared the news and wrote, “As a Witcher fan I’m over the moon about the opportunity to play Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill has been an incredible Geralt, and I’m honored that he’s handing me the reins and allowing me to take up the White Wolf’s blades for the next chapter of his adventure.”

The star said on, “Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and was inspired by what you brought to this beloved character. I may have some big boots to fill, but I’m truly excited to be stepping into The Witcher world. There are a few really good writers returning to the writers’ room for season 4. I think they cobbled together a nice opening which is true to the books.

“This is a very little thing that I will tease – people who know the books deeply also know that this is not a typical fantasy book. It’s not just one world. It’s not just one story happening in those books, in those stories. It’s a huge, huge world that is very, very complex… I will stop here!”

We know that you guys are excited to see him in that look, aren’t you? Well, you need to wait for a while so that we can hear more about him.

The Witcher Season 4 Plot: What to Expect with the Show?

Recently, we heard from the creators of the show that they are planning to bring some new changes to the series. Of course, the cast is one of the significant changes but talking about the plot, the show makers confronted that the upcoming season is going to be filled with new possibilities which are unexpected to the viewers.

Talking about it, the show makers said, “Some news to share from The Continent… My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4. In my stead, the fantastic Mr. Liam Hemsworth will be taking up the mantle of the White Wolf.

As with the greatest of literary characters, I pass the torch with reverence for the time spent embodying Geralt and enthusiasm to see Liam’s take on this most fascinating and nuanced of men. Liam, good sir, this character has such a wonderful depth to him, enjoy diving in and seeing what you can find.”

The Witcher Season 4 Official Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for the fourth season of the show. The Witcher season 3 is already concluded but there is plenty of time for the fourth season to release its trailer. Till then, here is the official trailer for season 3. 

Where to watch the show?

If you want to watch the series then it is exclusively available on Netflix to stream. Watch the show on Netflix and find out why people are obsessed with it.

If you have already watched the three seasons of The Witcher, then we ask you to watch Squid Game, a popular Korean thriller dark drama series that is one of the most-watched shows on the OTT Platform.

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Final Verdict

We have already seen how The Witcher has remained one of the popular cities for the audience to look at. There is no wonder that the show has marked enormous success after being available on Netflix. There isn’t anything wrong with saying that The Witcher is one of the most popular shows on the platform. To conclude this article, follow our website Keeperfacts and get all the latest updates on the upcoming news.