All You Need to Know About The Batman (2022)

DC’s most awaited movie, The Batman, is finally here. The audience has waited for the movie for quite a while, and it finally got released on 4 March 2022. Wide applause for the film spread over the internet, and fans appreciated the all-new cast and their amazing acting. It looks like there is something to talk about in the film.

The new Batman movie had been delayed for months until it got released this year. While the global pandemic has already postponed the release of many movies, Batman fans have been most affected by it. However, the wait was over when the movie was officially announced to release on March 4th.

Batman, who is one of the popular superheroes without any actual superpowers, always had the audiences’ attention. Not nausea of its inability to fly like Superman or swim like Aquaman, but its uniqueness and the relatable content that makes him realistic in a way that every person can think of himself as one.

The reboot has given justice to the wait. With amazing performance and visuals, the creators have proved why they needed to reboot. Everything the 2022’s movie showed has revealed why this movie is good from every angle. If you are one of those people who haven’t watched the film then here is everything you need to know.

The Batman (2022): Everything You Need to Know!

The Batman got its world premiere on March 1st, 2022 and later after 3 days, the movie got officially ready to premier for the fans. As soon as the show hit on the screen, the fans took their chance to watch the film. The movie gained instant success and this makes the movie to be rated as the top movie of this year. Along with this, the movie has gained more than 500 million dollars, making the movie the top 3 highest-grossing films of all time.

Directed by Matt Reeves, the movie is the reboot of the popular Batman movie. Starring Robert Pattinson in the title character, the fans have accepted the actor and loved his performance. Everyone has glared their eyes on this movie for quite a time now and the movie got injustice after its release.

Villains of The Batman Movie

One of the most exciting things about this movie is its villains. While the typical superhero movie casts one villain, Batman rather focuses on multiple antagonists which makes this movie stand out from the rest. Still, Riddler gets the most screen time, and he is regarded as the main villain of the movie. Reading this infographic, you can remind yourself of all the Batman villains and their characteristics to get you all set up for watching the movie.


Just like Bruce Wayne, Riddler is an engineer, and his daytime job follows his profession. His real name is Edward Nygma and he wears a green coat and bowler hat. Unlike the other villains, Riddler is a mastermind and knows his skills quite well. His great intellect makes him a noteworthy villain of the movie.


The other villain of the Batman movie who got immense love from the fans is Catwoman. The pretty thief is known for her amazing skills in aerobics and her flexible body. Her real name is Selina Kyle and she has meaningful martial art skills.


His real name is Oswald Cobblepot and he’s known for his business skills. He’s dressed up as a magician and his identity is known all around the world.


There is rarely anyone who is not familiar with this character. DC has already developed a movie following the life of this character, but this Joker is somewhat different from what we used to see in other movies.

Harley Quinn

Another favorite character of DC films also has her own movie. Her real name is Dr. Harley Quinzel and she’s known for her psychiatrist powers.

The Batman (2022): How The Movie Differs From the Previous Ones?

Based on the DC comics and their popular superhero Batman, the movie has been inspired by the same storyline. One could have easily argued that the previous movie was equally entertaining but many things put this movie in a completely different zone.

Following the life of Bruce Wayne who is an engineer in the daytime and a superhero at night, we can’t deny that the movie is a reboot – but after watching it, one can easily get why there was a need to film another movie. Robert Pattinson got a challenging character to play. The original story of Batman shows the villains of Gotham City where he was the newbie.

However, the movie showed how he has already worked on some things for a year, and now he has improved his skills. Still, Bruce Wayne is not an expert, but he got a hold in his job. The whole movie flows around corruption and the corrupt government. Robert Pattinson stands put in this movie and his acting has greatly inspired the audience to love him.

The movie does not completely follow the same origin, but the creators knew what they were doing. Batman investigates the loopholes of Gotham City and fights against corruption, but it was not the prior topic. Also, the addition of Catwoman and Penguin has encouraged the fans to watch the movie and find out the big difference between this version and the previous ones.

Final Words

The release of The Batman (2022) edition came out as great. The audience was amazed by the movie and with 8.4 IMDb ratings, the movie has already ranked among the top 3 highest-grossing films of 2022. The movie is different from the previous ones and the new star cast has amazingly performed to convince you to watch it. With multiple villains and great cinematography, this movie is surely worth watching.