Rwby Volume 9 Release Date: Renewal Status & Cancellation in 2022!

Following Remnant, the series has already been adapted into eight volumes. When its ninth season is going to release?


This article is latest updated on 28 January 2022: After eight volumes of the Rwby, now the majority of the audience is seeking the Rwby Volume 9 with a number of questions like when will it air? Whom are we gonna meet? What is going to happen? These are the interrogations of the optimistic followers of the show whereas some gloomy fans think that the show is canceled…

Well, in this post we have covered all the updates regarding the show that will clear out all of your queries, so without talking more let's plunge into the Rwby Volume Season 9.


Rwby Volume 9

Rwby is an American vital web series and media franchise which is created by  Monty Oum. The story starts with the people who belong to the Remnant, a place where young peoples are combinedly learning the process of “how to become a warrior.”

Remnant is shaded by the monsters and in order to save the lives, the juvenile population is trained by the former warriors. The story revolves around four main characters Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. All of the four are associated with theme colors Red, White, Black, and Yellow.


The most contemporary version of the Rwby Volume season eight is delivered on July 18, 2013, on a website named Rooster Teeth… After the first one, eight additions are released by the creators from which the most recent one aired on November 7, 2020.

However, the follower of Rwby started commenting about the ninth volume with tons of questions like when will it release, the expected year of the release is 2021 but it has chances to get delayed because of the pandemic, so let's take a seat and wait for more hereafter updates.

Drama Name Rwby
Category Sci-fi, Adventure and Action
Release Date Not yet announced
Creator Monty Oum
No. of Seasons 8

What We Can Expect From The Storyline of The Ninth Volume?

The majority of chances are that the ninth part would start from where the final episode ends, in the climax we see Harriet in a terrible situation just in front of the bomb. He tries to disable the bomb but failed!

On the other side, we see Penny begged to Jaune to kill her after she finds out the Cinder to transfer her powers.

In the ninth season, we are going to see some more fun and twists as compared to the eighth part. The plotline is not released at this time but when we get the exact drafted script then we will drop them in the same section, till then stay tuned.

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Characters of Rwby With Their Assigned Voice Artists-

  • Lindsay Jones as Ruby Rose
  • Kara Eberle as Weiss Schnee
  • Arryn Zech as Blake Belladonna
  • Barbara Dunkelman as Yang Xiao Long
  • Miles Luna as Jaune Arc
  • Jen Brown as Pyrrha Nikos
  • Monty Oum and Neath Oum as Lie Ren
  • Samantha Ireland as Nora Valkyrie
  • Shannon McCormick and Aaron Dismuke as Ozma/Ozpin

Rwby Volume 9

Where We Can Watch The Rwby Anime Series?

The series has eight editions from which all are not available to stream on the same platform. The first six seasons are obtainable on the Amazon Prime Videos whereas the last two volumes are accessible on the official website, Rooster Teeth.

Rwby Volume 9

Most Admired Rwby Ships-

  1. Blake Belladonna x Sun Wukong
  2. Ruby Rose x Weiss Schnee
  3. Pyrrha Nikos x Jaune Arc
  4. Lie Ren x Nora Valkyrie
  5. Coco x Velvet
  6. Qrow Branwen x Summer Rose
  7. Blake Belladonna x Yang Xiao Long
  8. Sun Wukong x Neptune Vasilias

Last Lines

Because of the pandemic, Rwby Volume 9 would take more than the expected time to get delivered! As a substitute, you can enjoy the former franchise on the platforms that we have mentioned above. You can also shift to some new anime…Blue Exorcist, Record of Grancrest War, Gate will suit the best for you!

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