Netflix Confirmed the Release Date of Lookism: Know Everything Here

No previous seasons existed for this prospective anime series. However, Park Tae-Joon had previously created a Korean Webtoon with the same title, titled “Lookism.” It was first published on Naver Webtoon in 2014. The Lookism premiere date on Netflix has been set for next month.

The plot of Lookism centers around the main character, who is a high school student who does not fit the stereotype of a gorgeous adolescent male. Fortunately, after transferring to his new school, he is able to switch between two bodies, one that is overweight and unattractive and the other that is handsome, slender, and physically fit.

Lookism Release Date

Lookism is the first anime series on Netflix to be adapted from a webcomic. The webcomic was created by the renowned artist Park Tae Jun, who is known for creating excellent webcomics. The series premiered on the web platform Naver in November 2014. Consequently, it is recognized as one of the most successful and remarkable works.

The official Lookism release date is November 4, 2022. Extremely improbable that the show will be made available on any other online streaming platform outside Netflix. Given that Netflix is the original distributor of the film, it is estimated that only Netflix has obtained the release rights.

Where to Watch Lookism

The new television series Lookism will be accessible via the online streaming service Netflix. The creators of the show have not yet disclosed any further streaming platforms where the episodes would be available besides Netflix. Once the show's official debut on Netflix occurs, it will likely be made available on other online streaming pirated services, such as movies, pikashow, and others.

Netflix Confirmed the Release Date of Lookism: Know Everything Here

The Plotline of Lookism

Park Hyeong-Seok, a high school guy with the ability to switch between two bodies, navigates her high school teenage life in the drama Lookism. In a culture where good looks are constantly valued, regardless of gender, a high school student who has always been the target of bullying and derogatory remarks gains the ability to switch between two bodies that are diametrically opposed in appearance.

After transferring to a new school, the boy awakens in an entirely different body that is leaner, taller, cooler, and more attractive than ever before. Thus, he intends to accomplish what he could not accomplish over the years when he was subjected to all the cruel and harsh criticisms. The show will be an amalgamation of teen and high school drama.

The Cast of Lookism

Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, Nam Doh-Hyung, Hwang Chang-Yung, and Sa Moon-young are among the cast members of Lookism who will lend their voices to some of the prominent characters.

Netflix Confirmed the Release Date of Lookism: Know Everything Here

The producers of the show have not yet specified which actors will play which characters; nonetheless, the cast members have been revealed with secret roles. The names of the remaining characters and cast members have not yet been revealed. In addition, the cast of the English-dubbed versions has not yet been revealed.

What Can We Expect From Lookism?

Lookism is an upcoming anime teen drama series that will premiere on the Netflix streaming service. The show will follow the story of Park Hyung-Suk, a seventeen-year-old teenager who has always felt unattractive and out of place in the social hierarchy. Due to her terrible appearance and weight, he had always endured cruel remarks and harassment. Everything had to contribute to Hyung-ng-sorrow, Suk's weight, and his poverty.

One of the bullies, Lee Tae Sung, is ultimately responsible for Hyung-transfer Suk from his Seoul high school to another prep school. His new high school, Jae Won High, utilized an unusual way of education and instruction. After leaving for his new school, Hyung-Suk finds himself in a completely different reality, where he turns into a taller, thinner, and more attractive boy. The release date of lookism has been established.

The body of his original, unattractive self was sleeping alongside him. When Hyung-Suk learns the stunning fact that both bodies are his, and when he enters and awakens in one body, the other body falls asleep. The show will be loaded with drama and surprise story twists as it explores the teenage lifestyle.

Lookism Episode guide

The lookism episode guide has not yet been disclosed in its whole by the show's creators. The series will formally debut on the online streaming service Netflix. It is anticipated that the show will release all of its episodes simultaneously, rather than on a weekly schedule.

Is the Lookism Trailer Available?

The trailer for lookism was published on September 25, 2022. Netflix has officially published the one-minute-and-nine-second trailer in the Korean language. However, the trailer includes English subtitles.


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