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Lockwood & Co.: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

Lockwood & Co. an exceedingly intriguing new supernatural series with an outstanding cast, is coming to Netflix. Lockwood & Co. is rumored to be the next big Originals series on Netflix, based solely on Jonathan Stroud’s novel of the same name. Complete Fiction, the company behind Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho, will produce the upcoming series.

Ruby Strokes plays the lead role in the television adaptation of the novel. Initially, Netflix and Complete Fiction announced in 2020 that they would collaborate on a show that would be a continuation of the book series.

Release Date of Lockwood & Co.

Season 1 of Netflix’s Lockwood & Co is currently in post-production, and the premiere date was just recently confirmed. Lockwood & Co will be released on January 23, 2022, despite the fact that fans anticipated a late 2022 release.

When the streaming giant eventually announced the release date, many were ecstatic, while others were dismayed at the prospect of having to wait several more months.

Where Can I Watch Lockwood & Co?

When we refer to Lockwood & Co as “Netflix’s Lockwood & Co,” it is apparent that the series will be distributed by Netflix. The British detective thriller series is expected to premiere on Netflix before the end of 2022. It could occur in either winter or summer. However, it is more plausible to anticipate the publication in the summer. However, we are still awaiting confirmation from the show’s creators regarding when Lockwood & Co will be available on Netflix.

Lockwood & Co.: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More.

The Plot of Lockwood and Co.

A handful of adolescent ghost hunters prowl the streets of London, engaging in the fiercest battle with nighttime spirits. Lockwood & Co., a modest start-up, stands out among several adult agencies for having ideals and values that are distinct from those of the majority of agencies.

Teenagers George Karim, Lucy Carlyle, and Anthony Lockwood run the business. Unrestricted by financial constraints, the three endeavors to permanently alter the course of history, and in the process, they unleash a vast mystery. The remaining details are being kept secret, and fans are waiting with bated breath.

The Cast of Lockwood & Co.

Fans of Lockwood & Co’s books are eager to see what the authors have in store for them. Ruby Strokes, a Brigerton actress, leads the cast. Scroll down to view the complete Lockwood & Company cast.

Lockwood & Co.: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More.

  • Ruby Strokes in the role of Lucy Carlyle
  • Cameron Chapman in the role of Anthony Lockwood
  • Ali Hadji- Heshmati as Alex Rider
  • Ivonne Jeremiah in the role of Inspector Barnes
  • Morven Christie in the role of Penelope Fittes
  • Luke Treadaway portraying Golden Blade
  • Jack Banderia in the role of Quill Kipps
  • Hailey Konadu portraying Flo Bones
  • Ben Crompton in the role of Julius Winkman
  • Paddy Holland in the role of Bobby Vernon
  • Rihanna Dorris in the role of Kat Godwin
  • Rico Vina portraying Ned Shaw
  • Erin Ainsworth in the role of Canary
  • Joseph Aston Grant as Bystander
  • Shalini Peiris in the role of Coroner
  • Luke Goddard as Security Guard at Fittes
  • Guy Robbins as Henchman 1
  • Jerry Black as a father
  • Sandra Huggett as Mrs. Carlyle
  • Jethro Skinner in the role of Jack Carver
  • Morven Christie in the role of Penelope Fittes
  • Ben Crompton portraying Barns

Lockwood & Co. Production Status

In May 2020, it was announced that Netflix and the production company Complete Fiction were developing a television series based on Jonathan Stroud‘s Lockwood & Co book series. In December 2020, Netflix instructed Lockwood & Co’s creators to produce an eight-episode series.

A little less than a year later, on July 5, 2021, filming on Lockwood & Co began. The filming of the entire season concluded on March 15, 2022.

Which Lockwood & Co novels will be adapted by the series?

There are a total of 5 Lockwood & Series, and the first season will begin with The Streaming Staircase, the first novel in the book series. However, it is currently unknown how many novels will be covered per season. If the creators believe similarly to us, each season will cover the events of each book, and we can thus anticipate a total of five seasons.