Escape From Tarkov Factory Map | Game Guide

Here, I am providing you a piece of brief information about the extraction. You must be aware of these points before entering the Tarkov Factory inside. By having all the concluding information, you can master Tarkov Factory Map otherwise, you may be a soft target.

You will find dynamic twists and turns all around the movement inside Trakov Factory Map. you will find several enclosed and half-opened spaces including a lot of elevated spots and the top of that with you should care enough to protect yourselves. Tarkov’s Factory was possessed by the Tora group earlier. But after the initiation of the battle of Tarkov, it was a stage of BEAR vs USEC engagements.

Before Entering Take In Consideration

The factory has the various part of the narrow escape and you many searches to hide. You may be shoot from any hidden place of any corner. Now you will get few locations including

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PvE Room / Container Room

This place is quite open in the factory. Here you will find multiple bure containers for the escape and you can hide behind its wall. By using stairs, you may climb up to the rafters. On the rafter, you may have a wide glance you seem exposed. You will require a Factory key if you went to the southern part of this area for the extraction. The PvE Room / Container Room is marked number ‘1’ on the Map. Below the office area, you will find factory hangars.

Tarkov Factory Map


You can easily find where is the Main Hall inside the Factory by getting silos there. Main Hall is surrounded by several elevated spots, silos, a catwalk, and the Overpass. If you properly get these all things, they will work like opportunities for you or lack of attention leads to danger. The Main room is marked as number “2” on Tarkov factory and located between the PvE/Containers and the Generators areas.


The office is an important area and held at the center of the Tarkov factory Map. this is the area where Factory’s Management Staffs live. It is supposed to be something valuable over here. Scavs are often seen from the window and also the escape route from the Factory. The Office is marked as number “3”. You will find two lootable Jackets at the entrance and two File Cabinets in the far-left corner of the room.

Breach Room

Breach Room is marked as number “4” on Tarkov Factory. This is situated beside the Factory’s Office. It is a quest location and directions to the Office via a second door. Doors are breachable and anyone may be camping inside. The corridor outside of the Breach Room is deadly.

Locker Room

This is a reinforced door. The Factory Exit Key is needed to find this area. This part of the factory is considered quite dangerous because this is held in the middle of the Factory and the corridor includes Machine Room and PvE Room. Locker Room is marked as number “5” on Tarkov Factory Map.

Tarkov Factory Map

Bath Room

Bath Room is used for Bathe and cleaning. Here is the part where workers change their uniforms when they end their hectic schedules on daily basis. The Bath Room has three sections as Showers, Lockers, and Sinks. The shower is located in the middle part of the Bathroom. Locker is located in the northern part. The third part is Sinks which is located in the southern part of this. You will get medical supplies to spawn in the lockers.

Fork Lifts

Fork Lifts are considered as number “7” on Tarkov Factory Map. this is situated in the Factory’s ground level. You will get the Fork list in the Generators room where can be gone through the tunnel. It is the most annoying spawn on the entire map. if you get stuck behind the red gate then it is unfortunate for you and you are advised to leave this place immediately. You can get an underground extraction point from here by having the Factory Exit Key.

Pumping Station

The pumping station is considered number 8 on Tarkov Factory Map. this is the area for the water supply and another pump is used for the removal of waste. You can find this area by having the Door Key that is labeled as a pumping station. It can be looted from the locker room. This is a substitute optional quest location for the Sanitary Standards.

Tarkov Factory Map


The Generators Room is considered number 9 on Tarkov Factory Map. It is situated below the office area which is close to the exit hall. This is a major room inside the Tarkov’s chemical Factory complex. PvE/Container Room provides cover on the ground level and gives various chances to get the high ground. You can explore rafters through the Overpass.

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Here, I have given you a whole twist and turns about the Escape of Tarkov which is like a Pandora box. If you are new and getting obstacles to cover up, this will certainly help you.

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