Your Turn To Die Chapter 3 Part 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Every Gamer is waiting for the video game to release

If you are a true gamer and always desire to play different games then Your Turn To Die is something you need to explore. Kimi Ga Shine – Tasuketsu Death, which is also translated as Your Turn to die in English, is a famous Japanese game that has already been releasing its chapter for a long time.   The game was first announced and it blew up on the internet. The game is actually an adaptation of a Japanese novel which is named Kimi Ga Shine – Tasuketsu Death Game.

If you are looking to read this novel then this novel is available online. Till now, the game has released three chapters for the gamers and now people are wondering about the third chapter’s second part. 

The visual novel which is later adapted as an adventure game was first released on 28 August 2017. Your turn to die was developed by Nankidai and the publishers of this game were RPG Atsumaru and NicoNico. The popular visual novel game is released by Vgperson and now people are hoping to see the third chapter soon. But what is its status? Well, there is already a long battle on this topic. People on different online platforms like Reddit and Twitter are asking if there will be a third chapter or not?

If you are someone who is also eagerly waiting for the third chapter’s part two and wanted to know about it then read this article till the end to know every single detail about this topic.

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Your Turn to Die – What Do You Need to Know?

The Japanese visual games are popular among the people of the world. It is mainly because of their amazing graphics, extraordinary characters which of course, and some of the great fighting skills, and last but not least the storyline.

Personally, love how they packed every single detail of the story and it always turns out an amazing game. Your turn to die is also one of the popular games and it is loved by gamers greatly. This love makes the game one of the most downloaded games around the globe in that particular year of its release. 

So far, the game has released three chapters which consist of two parts each. Now, the third chapter is incomplete because it doesn’t have the second part. People have already played this game and are waiting for the third chapter to release. 

Your Turn to Die Chapter 3 Part 2 – Is It Coming or Not?

After the release of three parts, the fans are wondering if there would be a second part of the third chapter or not. There was a rumor going around that the second part of the third chapter will release in August 2020. I am pretty sure that you have heard one of them. But as we have entered 2021, there is still no hint about the third chapter. 

There was also an ongoing suspect that the production of this game might stop because of the whole pandemic situation in 2020. The world was hit with the dangerous Covid-19 virus and due to the safety measure, every human has to spend their time in their home.

During that time, a lot of movies, web series, and anime have stopped their production. So, it is pretty understood that the release was stopped. But all these assumptions are just fan-made and we still want a legal statement to believe in. 

Your Turn to Die Chapter 3 Part 2

However, till now the producers haven’t said anything regarding the third chapter. We don’t really know if there will be chapter 3 or not. There are no updates about the production of this game and it is still not out whether the production has started or not. 

If there will be any updates regarding Your Turn to Die chapter 3 part 2 then I’ll surely update this section for you. Bookmark this now and keep checking this page to know everything about it.

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Your Turn to Die Chapter 3: Who Are the Characters of This Game?

Since part 2 of the third chapter is not yet confirmed, there are many people who believe that there will be another chapter of the game. If you are a fan of the game then you must be a big fan of the characters. The adventure video game has some freaking amazing characters. If the studio ever decides to release the other chapters then the characters are going to be the same as it was before.

Also, if you are new to this game then let me take you over to some of the characters who are loved by the gamers in real life.

  • Sara Chidouin
  • Kanna Kizuchi
  • Q-taro Burgerberg
  • Nao Egokoro
  • Kai Satou
  • Alice Yabusame
  • Ranmaru Kageyama
  • Shunsuke Hayasaka
  • Joe Tazuna
  • Keiji Shinogi
  • Mai Tsurugi
  • Hinako Mishuku
  • Kugie Kizuchi
  • Megumi Sasahara
  • Shin Tsukimi
  • Reko Yabusame
  • Gin Ibushi
  • Kazumi Mishima
  • Naomichi Kurumada
  • Anzu Kinashi
Game Name  Your Turn To Die Chapter 3 Part 2
Category Adventure Video Game
Release Date Pending
Developer  Nankidai
No of Chapter 3

Final Words 

The online video game, Your Turn to die which is also known as Kimi Ga Shine – Tasuketsu Death Game is one of the most popular games around the globe. There is not so much release about this game and this article contains all the resource material which was available on the internet.

Despite seeing the popularity of this game, the producers are not planning to release this game anytime soon. There are no updates on whether the third chapter will ever get renewed or not. Still, the loving fans are waiting for the next chapter to release so that they can play the game sufficiently. 

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