Best Hitech Emulator for PlayStation 2 Games in Android

It’s been 26 years since the first release of PlayStation into the world. This video game console has come a long way with great popularity at the same time. They have been releasing their PlayStation series with their latest being PlayStation 5. But I still remember my first PlayStation 2. PS2 is one of the most famous and popular PlayStation of Sony. The console has sold over 158 Million over the worldwide making it one of the most selling console. Despite being so much popular their Emulators doesn’t match it. There is a lot of variety of Emulator in the market, Which one to choose?

Furthermore, PS2 Emulator is available in the market for Windows, Android, Mac which can be easily accessible and you can download them to have fun. If you want to download your favourite game on your Smartphone and want to play it, Don’t Worry, We’re here for you.

Although PlayStation 2 assist most of the games some of the Emulators might work fast while others being slow. This is due to the high graphic quality which PS2 have. In this article, we’ll discuss dome of the Emulators which can be used to play pS2 games in Android. The problem of lag can be overcome by a good capture card.

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List of TOP 5 Best PS2 Emulator for Android

PPSSPP Emulator


This Emulator is one of the popular PS2 Emulator among people. While using this Emulator you’ll not only experience a high graphic quality but also provide high-performance gaming experience. With over 50 Million+ downloads in the play store, this Emulator is something to check. PPSSPP is able to run the games of PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PSP. Not only this but PPSSPP also include Multimedia player which is quite a thing in itself. Furthermore, this app is rated 4.3 by the people.

Pros –

  • High speed.
  • Stable and smooth working.
  • Can play PS2 and PSP games.
  • You can use screen space.
  • Efficient control mapping is great.

Cons –

  • Sometimes the game lags.


Perfect. Quality and capabilities depend on your phone. The better the quality of your phone the quicker the games run. No glitches, no problems. But if you run short on memory then the games start to get choppy. Overall 5 stars. Graphics and gameplay is amazingly accurate. “

Download the PPSSPP PS2 Emulator in your Android

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Another great PlayStation 2 Emulator which is great and effective in nature. The Developer of this Android Emulator is DamonPS2 Emulator Studio. It’s feature include multi-threading, leaving the BIOS game and many more. Luckily, this Emulator assist almost 90 percent of PlayStation 2 games. So with DamonPS2 you can enhance and encourage any PlayStation 2 games in your Android phone. But also the performance of the game will further depend on the quality or type of your smartphone. You can play games from PSX to PSP.

If you want to enjoy extra features such as Neo acceleration, SD card support, a wide display of Screen convert your Damon PS2 into PS2 Pro.

Pros –

  • Play and Resume.
  • Good control mapping.
  • Provide 2x – 5x Resolution.

Cons –

  • Lacks fast forward.
  • Doesn’t provide Frameskip.
  • Glitch sometimes.
  • Limited Graphics

DamonPS2 Pro Emulator

Emulator for PlayStation 2

This Emulator is another famous and popular PS2 Emulator for Android all over the world. This app is great to play PS2 games but you have to pay some cost to get it. Additionally, if your Smartphone having is Snapdragon processor you can still use it with almost 90 % like PS 2 games.

The best thing which I personally like about this Emulator is it works on a high frame rate and consume less battery. But if your smartphone is not up to mark you can experience this Emulator fully and efficiently. DamonPS2 Pro Supports HD1080p which is quite impressive.

Moreover, if you have ever played in DamonPS2 you’ll have some experience of it here too in Damon Pro. You might found some of the unpaid version of it but they are not as much as good as DamonPS2 Pro. The unpaid version does not have a good quality of graphic and your game can lag time to time.

Pros –

  • Fast speed
  • Can even run PS2 games on Snapdragon
  • Consume less energy
  • High frame rate

Cons –

  • Expansive
  • Have some bugs
  • Need internet to work

Review –

You have to be online to use this app. Even then connecting to the server isn’t guaranteed. The game I tried on my S9 was Maximo and it worked fine. Can’t connect the server since then. Not worth the price until they make an offline mode. “

Download DamonPS2 Pro Emulator

Pro PPSS2 Emulator


This PS2 Emulator is developed by the team of PPSS2 and it is said to be “Real Emulator of PS2”. Pro PPSS2 provide 90 % of the PS2 games which is quite satisfactory. Its features involves providing good graphic, easily accessible and proper guideline map to use it. Furthermore the system requirement of Pro PPSS2 is very less any you can download and use it even in Android 4.4.

Pros –

  • Offers PS2 controller
  • Superfast emulation
  • High frame rate and good graphic
  • Easily accessible

Cons –

  • Contains Ads
  • Not available in Google Play Store
  • Lags and have glitches

Download Pro PPSS2 for your Android


Emulator for PlayStation 2

Talking about the next PS2 Emulator Play which supports many of 128-bit games. Play is a great Emulator for Android because of its easy installation and smooth working.

Furthermore this Emulator runs on the frame rate of 10-15 FPS which is amazing. It sometimes throw bugs depending upon the your system but overall it is great. Moreover this Emulator doesn’t want BIOS file to process games. You can also use this app to play on your Windows, Mac and Linux. If you are looking to download it, you can’t find Play on Google Play Store instead visit there Official site

Pros –

  • Easy installation
  • Works on Cross-platform
  • Supports .bin and ISO file format

Cons –

  • Lags and drop FPs
  • Loads a lot of time
  • Throw bad sound quality time to time.

Download Play PS2 Emulator


Golden PS2 Emulator is another excellent PS2 Emulator for Android devices. It excellence is because of the amazing features which this app provides to its users like, high graphic quality with high resolution at same time. Furthermore, it doesn’t require the BIOS file to download. It is easily work with the Android 4.4 and high devices.

Moreover GOLDEN PS2 allow to save the data directly to the SD card and saves your data. While the GOLDEN PS2 application only supports ISO file it however work with .zip , .rar.

Pros –

  • Support multi- threading.
  • Provide Neon Acceleration to users
  • Works with many ROM
  • High Resolution plus Graphics.

Cons – 

  • Sometimes lag

Pro PlayStation Emulator

This is another amazing game which gamers love. No matter what device you own, old or new, this Emulator can work on any devices. Pro PlayStation, which is efficient in playing authorize videogame in your device, works smoothly. The User-interface of this emulator is self explanatory and clean. It further uses quite a good features like easy to access, good GPU rendering, map system, save states, on-screen controllers, good fps. With so many features there are certain limitations of Pro PlayStation like it doesn’t work on some games because of Cross-Platform. Otherwise your suitable games will work in good graphics.

Pros –

  • Easy to use
  • Good graphics and high performance
  • Save and load games
  • You can fast forward game.


  • Comes with no games with it

Download Pro PlayStation Emulator


Emulator for PlayStation 2

This Emulator is quite a different from other one. Despite of being a normal Emulator, RetroArch is a group Emulators which is called Cores. Through this Emulator you can actually play many standard games on your computer. It’s feature include machine translation, run head, net play, shaders and many more. Furthermore it is free to download from play store. This Emulator have 1 million plus download base and 3.7 review. Let’s read some of the feedback –

“ The perfect one stop Emulator. The menus are bit hard to navigate (especially the default one) but once you get use to it you can personalize it however you like. There’s almost 0 aspects of RetroArch which couldn’t be changed in some way. It also has incredible performance compared to others, this was the only Emulator that could fit n64 reasonably well on my budget 2018 phone.”

“ This Emulator shouldn’t be this dumb made to get your game Started. Easy sure.. But the UI is like it got dragged to mud it’s slow. Just for that people should look elsewhere. The Emulator feels too cold.


  • Easy to use
  • Available on play store
  • Machine translation

Cons – 

  • Large size compared to others
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth reconnect.

Click here to Download RetroArch in your Android


PTWOE is PlayStation 2 Emulator which is especially designed for Android users. Currently this Emulator software is available to users in two various forms. The two types are mainly classified according to their distinct User-interface. The two versions can easily differentiate because of the dissimilarity of speed, quality and stability. You can to test both of the version to test which of them is most suitable for your Smartphone.

Furthermore, For the genuine functioning of application you need to have a BIOS file. If you don’t have, it will not work properly. If you are looking to create a BIOS file you have to Download BIOS file in your Android device. Then make a new folder with BIOS file embedded on it and place it in the directory of this app. The last step involves to put the already downloaded file in BIOS folder.

Pros –

  • Fun playback video games

Cons –

  • Doesn’t come with BIOS file.

Earlier, PTWOE was freely accessible from Google Play Store but it was deleted from there afterwards. Now, to download this file you have to visit the official website of PTWOE OR you can download them from here.

Download PTWOE Emulator for your Android


This Android Emulator is not for PlayStation 2 but instead for PlayStation 1 and PlayStation X. FPse works perfectly with PS1 games and due to which it is Highly popular among gamers. PlayStation 1 games runs evenly with amazing sound quality and without any lagging.

The another reason for its popularity is Multiplayer support system. Yes, you heard it right. You and three of your friends (which equals to four) can easily play game with there respective devices. No matter what model of Android you use it will work with everyone.

Moreover, If you are looking for playing PS1 games Go to OpenGL. There you’ll find all PlayStation 1 games which will have high resolution and amazing graphics. Get your childhood memories back by playing Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Tekken -3 in this Emulator.

Pros –

  • Works in Android 2.8 to above.
  • Easily work with other computers.
  • Great game sound quality.
  • Supports file’s such as .img, .nrg, .iso, .cue , .bin,.mdf, .pbp, and .Z disc image formats.


There are quite a variety of PS2 Emulators for Android which are great to use. With the help of these you can actually play your favorite game in your smartphone. With PS2 being one of the most successful PlayStation of Sony people are dying to play their games on Android. Furthermore PS2 supports all the games in the smart phone.

If you find this information helpful and want more articles like this. Do tell us in the Comment section!

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