Erik Estrada Net Worth 2022: is He Really a Police Officer?


Erik Estrada is an actor and reserve police officer from the United States. Erik Estrada is best known for playing California Highway Patrol officer Frank Poncherello in the NBC police drama ChiPs. Later, he participated in a handful of Spanish-language telenovelas, as well as numerous television series, infomercials, and reality TV shows. Estrada has additionally appeared in the films “Hour of the Assassin,” “Caged Fury,” and “The Naked Truth.”

Erik's Biography


Henry Enrique “Erik” Estrada was born in New York on March 16, 1949. By portraying police officer Frank Poncherello in the immensely popular television series ‘CHiP's,' Estrada has won the hearts of millions of fans across the world. In addition to the series' six-year run,a  he grew to celebrity through his work in Spanish-language telenovelas, reality TV shows, and infomercials. It is true that he is the son of Carmen Moreno and Renildo Estrada. His parents were born in Puerto Rico.

As of August 2022, Erik Estrada has an Estimated net worth of  $4 million.


Erik Estrada

Date of Birth

16 March 1949




Actor, Voice actor, Producer, and Police Officer

Body Measurement

5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

74 Kg (163 lbs)

Net Worth

$4 Million


Professional Career

His impressive career as a voice actor and his involvement with the Cartoon Network's ‘Sealab 2021' has resulted in an enormous net worth. He made his cinematic debut in ‘The Cross and the Switchblade' in 1970. He co-starred with Pat Boone, who portrayed David Wilkerson, in the role of Nicky Cruz. Before his big performance in ‘ChiPs,' Estrada had the opportunity to star in the 1975 catastrophe picture ‘Airport'

Erik Estrada Net Worth 2022

Throughout his career, Estrada has participated in a three-part episode of the police drama ‘Hunter,' the television series ‘Armed and Famous,' and perhaps the most popular telenovela of 1993, ‘Dos Mujeres, Un Camino.' In 1996, Estrada appeared in “From Dusk Until Dawn” on the big screen. Regarding his personal life, he was married three times. He had two children from his marriages to Joyce Miller and Peggy Rowley, both of which ended in divorce.

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In 1987, Estrada returned to television by starring in a three-part episode of the NBC police drama “Hunter.” In the same year, he starred in the telenovela Rosa Salvaje. The actor's most prominent telenovela role was in “Dos mujeres, un camino” in 1993. Costarring alongside Mexican actors and singers Bibi Gaytán and Laura Leon, Estrada portrayed Tijuana truck driver Johnny. “Dos Mujeres, un Camino” was scheduled to air 100 episodes but ended up airing over 200, becoming one of the most popular telenovelas in Latin American television history. According to reports, Estrada was paid 1 million pesos for his role.

Film Career– In the 1970s, Estrada acted in a number of films, including “Airport 1975,” “Trackdown,” and the military film “Midway.” In the 1980s, he played alongside Tony Curtis and Orson Welles in the British comedy “Where is Parsifal? “, the Italian science-fiction thriller “Light Blast,” the action drama “Hour of the Assassin,” and “Alien Seed.” “A Show of Force,” “Caged Fury,” “Guns,” “Do or Die,” “The Naked Truth,” and “Shattered Dreams” were all released in the 1990s.

Current Net Worth and Assets

As of August 2022, Erik Estrada has a net worth of  $4 million according to celebrity net worth.

Through a successful career in films and television programs, he has amassed an enormous fortune. With his appearance in the television drama series “ChiPs,” he began to earn a substantial income. In 1977, he began earning $5,000 each episode, which increased to $9,000 per episode the following season.

The sum he paid for the 1,322-square-foot home was $167,100. The residence has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Eric Estrada has amassed a number of expensive automobiles throughout his career. Long ago, Estrada owned a 1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II. He also participated with his 1980 Silver Wraith in the television program “Unique Rides.” For the presentation, the automobile was totally changed and repainted white.

Activism and Law Enforcement

In the year 2000, Estrada became the international face of D.A.R.E., a drug prevention education campaign. In addition, he has pushed for organizations such as the American Heart Association, the United Way, and the C.H.P. Foundation, which assists the families of California Highway Patrol officers. He is also a spokesperson for the CHP's car seat installation and inspection program.

Erik Estrada Net Worth 2022

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Due to his acting experience on “CHiPs,” Estrada joined the Muncie, Indiana police force as a reserve officer. Following this, he spent eight years as an investigator in Bedford County, Virginia, working to prevent cyber crimes against children. In 2016, he again joined the reserve police force, this time in St. Anthony, Idaho.


In 1979, Estrada wed Joyce Miller; the couple split the following year. Next, in 1985, he wed singer and entertainment executive Peggy Lynn Rowe. They separated in 1990 after having two boys, Anthony Erik and Brandon Michael-Paul.

Erik Estrada Net Worth 2022

1997 Erik Estrada's third marriage to film sound technician Nanette Mirkovich. In 2000, their daughter Francesca Natalia was born.

Final Words

Erik Estrada is an American actor and police officer best recognized for his outstanding work on the hit television series ‘ChiPs' Estrade has also had a successful career as a voice actor, currently providing voiceover work for the Cartoon Network's “SeaLab 2012” and acting in a number of Spanish-language telenovelas.

As of August 2022, Erik Estrada has an Estimated net worth of  $4 million.


Is Erik Estrada really a Police Officer?

His childhood dream was to be a cop, not an actor. Erik Estrada came to fame 45 years ago playing a California Highway Patrol officer, and today, he's working in law enforcement in real life.

How old is Erik Estrada?

Erik Estrada is currently 73 years old.

Where is Erik Estrada Today?

Erik Estrada became a reserve police officer for the Muncie Police Department in Indiana. Today, he is a reserve officer in St. Anthony, Idaho.